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Characteristics of Wetterhun

Country of originNetherlands
The sizeLarge
Growthup to 59 cm
Weightup to 32 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupRetrievers, spaniels and water dogs
Wetterhun Characteristics

Brief information

  • Purposeful and quick-witted dog;
  • Differs in large size and strength, but at the same time very calm and gentle;
  • Devoted to his family.


Another name for the Wetterhoon breed is the Dutch Water Dog. This is a working breed, loved and revered in their homeland, in the Netherlands. The ancestors of the modern Wetterhun have lived since ancient times in the north of the country in the Frisian Lakes region and were used to hunt otters and ferrets, as well as to protect farmlands. Their dense and curly hair almost did not get wet and dried quickly, a strong body and developed muscles made it possible to swim and run quickly, besides, these animals were distinguished by an instant reaction and involvement in business. The dogs were not aggressive, they became attached to the family, but they were wary of other people.

Modern Wetterhoons have inherited all the best qualities of their ancestors. This breed was on the verge of extinction after the Second World War, but after a few years, professional dog breeders began a long work to restore the Wetterhun. Now he not only serves a person, but is also his companion, living in houses and participating in sports and gaming exhibitions.

Representatives of this breed are well trained : they quickly memorize new commands and happily practice what they have already learned if the trainer is patient and tactful enough. These dogs do not tolerate violence, they are used to responding to rudeness with rudeness.


Wetterhoons have long been family dogs. Due to their gentle nature, they get along well with households, even with small children. However, care must be taken that the latter do not torment them, as these dogs are very patient and are not able to offend the child. The Dutch Water Dog treats other pets calmly, even indifferently. Most of the time she doesn’t need company. Unfamiliar animals will be driven away by barking.

Wetterhun takes a long time to get used to new pets, if before that he was always the only dog. However, much depends on the nature of a particular animal, and this should be taken into account: it will not be superfluous to ask the breeder about the nature of the puppy’s parents before purchasing.


Grooming for the Wetterhun depends on the type of coat it has. Now there are more and more dogs with voluminous and stuffed hair (like a poodle ), which looks more advantageous at exhibitions. It requires more frequent combing and washing, otherwise it falls into tangles, which are very difficult to comb. On average, the Wetterhuns have a thick, hard, curly coat that is not prone to shedding. It needs to be washed a couple of times a month and combed out after each contact with water. It is also important to trim your pet’s claws at least once a month .

Conditions of detention

Wetterhoons need a large space where they can move freely. For this reason, they cannot be kept on a chain, in an aviary and in a small apartment. Walking representatives of the breed can only be on a leash, as they are prone to chasing cats and other street animals. Walks should be long and active.

Wetterhun – Video

Setske - Friesischer Wetterhoun - singt beim Blockflöte spielen

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