Czech Mountain Dog
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Czech Mountain Dog

Characteristics of Czech Mountain Dog

Country of originCzech
The sizeLarge
Growth56–70 cm
Weight26–40 kg
Age10–15 years
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Czech Mountain Dog Characteristics

Brief information

  • Very strong and hardy;
  • Excellent learning ability;
  • They can be great companions.

Origin story

The Czech Mountain Dog is a fairly young breed that was bred in the 70s of the twentieth century. At the origins of the new breed was the cynologist Peter Khantslik, who dreamed of creating universal dogs, perfectly adapted to life in the mountains. The first litter was obtained in 1977 from mating a Slovak chuvach with a black and white sled dog – presumably a Malamute . Just seven years later, in 1984, the breed was recognized at the national level, but the Czech Mountain Dog has not yet achieved international recognition. These animals in the homeland of the breed are used in the mountains as rescuers and for riding service. Also, dogs are excellent companions and quite popular in the Czech Republic.


Czech Mountain Dogs are large, powerful, with a muscular body, a broad chest and well-proportioned paws. The coat of typical representatives of the breed is thick, with a fairly long awn and a soft, dense undercoat that can protect Czech Mountain Dogs from cold and wind. The color of these animals is white, with large black or red spots. The head is proportional, with a broad forehead and a cone-shaped muzzle. The eyes are of medium size, dark brown, the nose is also colored dark. The ears are triangular in shape, hanging on the sides of the head.


The character of typical representatives of the breed is friendly and cheerful. Thanks to their intelligence, Czech Mountain Dogs are excellent trainees. However, sometimes these dogs, especially males, can try to compete for the place of the leader in the family, so the owners will have to show the necessary firmness and consistency to put the dog in its place. When training Czech Mountain Dogs, you need consistency and integrity.

Czech Mountain Dog Care

The Czech Mountain Dog is a fairly healthy breed that does not require any special care. However, dogs need to be brushed regularly to keep their long coat in order. Ear and nail care is also standard.

Conditions of detention

The ideal option would be a country house with a large aviary and the possibility of free range. We must not forget that these animals need serious physical activity. Wanting to get such a dog in a city apartment, the owner must understand that the pet will have to be provided with long walks every day. In addition, the size of the animal will not allow him to live comfortably in a small room. But if the size of housing allows, then the pet will be able to live in urban conditions.


Despite the fact that the breed is recognized in the Czech Republic, these dogs are practically not found outside their homeland. You will have to go for a puppy yourself, you can also arrange for its delivery – both of which, without a doubt, will affect the price.

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