Bohemian shepherd
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Bohemian shepherd

Characteristics of Bohemian shepherd

Country of originCzech
The sizeLarge
Growth49–55 cm
Weight20–25 kg
Age12–14 years old
FCI breed groupnot recognized
Bohemian shepherd Characteristics

Brief information

  • hardy;
  • Unpretentious;
  • Easily trained;
  • Human-oriented.

Origin story

A number of experts consider the Czech Shepherd Dog to be the forerunner of the German Shepherd Dog . Indeed, there is a similarity, and a large one.

This is an ancient breed. The first mention of it dates back to the 14th century, and in the 16th century these dogs were already professionally bred. At that time, they lived in the Czech territory bordering Bavaria, and guarded the southwestern borders of the country. With Bohemian Shepherds, they went hunting and grazed herds.

Historical sources say that the locals called this dog their symbol during the uprisings. And now young Czech intelligence officers wear badges with her image.

As a separate breed, the Czech Cattle Dog was recognized by the Czech Cynological Association in 1984.

The first official breed standard appeared in 1997 in the book by Jan Findeis, which was dedicated to this dog. But the IFF has not yet given its final word.


A dog of rectangular format, strong, but not heavy and not loose constitution. The size is medium-large, the line of the back falls slightly. Paws are muscular, fingers are collected in a ball. The ears are erect, triangular, feathered. The tail reaches to the hock, thick, covered with dense, thick hair, never curled into a ring. On the muzzle, tips of the ears and the front of the limbs, the hair is short. On the rest of the body there is a thick undercoat, and on top of it there is an outer hair, also thick and shiny, 5 to 12 cm long. The neck is decorated with a rich, fluffy collar.

The main color of the coat is black, there are red tan marks. The brighter the tone of the red coat, the better.


Just the perfect dog – energetic, not aggressive, easy to train and gets along well with both children and pets. An excellent watchman and a great companion. It is distinguished by high intelligence, benevolent, obedient, flexible, can be not only a pet and a guard, but also an indispensable assistant. Not without reason, Czech Shepherds are actively used as service dogs, rescue dogs, and as companion dogs for people with disabilities.

Bohemian shepherd Care

Genetically, these shepherd dogs are unpretentious, like most herding breeds. And even their luxurious coat does not require particularly complex care. She cleans herself very well. It is enough to comb out dogs living in enclosures 1-2 times a week, apartment keeping animals more often, but this is for cleanliness in the house. The eyes and ears are treated as needed, as are the claws . Bathing a shepherd dog is not often necessary, 3-4 times a year is enough. The breed is considered quite strong, hardy, healthy, there is only one caveat: like most large dogs, Czech shepherds can develop hip dysplasia.

Conditions of detention

The Czech Shepherd Sheepdog is an open-air dog. It would be quite good for her to live in a country house with a large area for walking. An apartment, of course, is not the best option, but if the owner is ready to spend at least one and a half hours a day on active walks – with games and jogging, and on weekends go to classes with his pet at a special dog playground – why not?


Experts attribute this to the fact that the breed has not yet received recognition from the FCI. But you can always turn to Czech breeders. The cost of a puppy is 300-800 euros.

Bohemian shepherd – Video

Bohemian Shepherd: All About This Active, Devoted, and Friendly Dog

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