Bohemian Spotted Dog (Český strakatý pes)
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Bohemian Spotted Dog (Český strakatý pes)

Characteristics of Bohemian Spotted Dog

Country of originCzech
The sizeAverage
Growth40–50 cm
Weight15–20 kg
Age10–13 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Bohemian Spotted Dog Characteristics

Brief information

  • Excellent companion;
  • Lack of aggression;
  • Easily trainable.

Origin story

Unlike other breeds that were bred as companions, hunting assistants or guards, Czech Pied dogs were bred for laboratory research. The founder of the breed was Frantisek Horak, and for a long time the animals bred under his leadership had a dissonant name – “Laboratory dogs of Horak”. Breeding was carried out at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. Information about what blood was used in the breeding of the breed varies. According to one version, the new breed was obtained by crossing a German shepherd and a smooth-haired fox terrier . According to another, with the help of dogs without pedigrees, who lived at the academy.

Despite the fact that the animals were used for scientific purposes, the breed developed, and in 1961 its representatives were shown at the exhibition. Obedient, sweet dogs that do not require special care and are able to live both in the house and in the yard began to spread among the inhabitants of the Czech Republic. However, in the 1980s, the breed fell into decline and almost disappeared. Activists who decided to revive the Czech Pied Dogs had difficulty finding a few remaining animals with a pedigree. Now the well-being of the breed is no longer a concern, but so far it has not achieved recognition by the International Cynological Federation .


Typical representatives of the breed are medium-sized, well-built muscular animals. Czech Pied Dogs do not have any striking features of appearance: the head of the representatives of the breed is of medium size, with a flattened stop, the muzzle is elongated and slightly tapers towards the nose; eyes and nose – medium in size, with excellent pigmentation; The ears are set high, but hang on the sides of the head. The color, as the name of the breed implies, is spotted. The basis of the background is white, it has brown and black large spots, there are yellowish-red tan marks and specks on the paws. The coat is straight, with a thick undercoat. There are long haired dogs.


Czech motley dogs are distinguished by a light disposition. They are completely non-aggressive and make great companions . Due to the fact that typical representatives are easy to learn , they do not cause trouble to their owners at all.

Bohemian Spotted Dog Care

Standard: the coat is combed out two to three times a week with a stiff brush, ears and claws are processed as needed.


Active animals that are happy to play with their owners are perfect for both yard and apartment keeping. But these dogs, if you decide to keep them in an apartment, need long walks twice a day.


Despite the fact that the breed is no longer threatened with complete extinction, Czech pied dogs are common only in their homeland. You will have to go for a puppy on your own or organize its delivery, which will undoubtedly affect the cost of the dog.

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