Czech Terrier
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Czech Terrier

Characteristics of Czech Terrier

Country of originFormer Republic of Czechoslovakia
The sizesmall
Growth25-32 cm
Weight6–10 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupTerriers
Czech Terrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • Active;
  • Good-natured;
  • Compliant;
  • Human-oriented.

Origin story

A young breed, was bred artificially in 1948. The founder is the cynologist Frantisek Horak. He is a breeder of Scottish terriers, which were still too big-boned to climb into the holes of small animals. Gorak set a goal to breed a small, light dog suitable for burrow hunting. The ancestors of the Czech Terriers were the Scotch Terrier and the Sealyham Terrier , and the blood of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier was also added .

After 10 years, Gorak presented Bohemian terriers at the exhibition – funny, charming, efficient, hardy, friendly, light and thin. 4 years later, in 1963, they were recognized by the International Film Festival , however, the breed was named the Czech Terrier to emphasize the country of origin. A few years later, breeders from America became interested in animals.


A dog of an elongated, rectangular format, short, strong paws (the front paws are more powerful than the hind ones), small triangular hanging ears. Strong jaws and not small teeth – after all, a hunter! The nose is black, regardless of color. The tail is set low, carried down; when the dog is active it rises and becomes saber-shaped. The coat is long, wavy, silky, with a dense soft undercoat. The color is formed completely by the age of three. According to the standard, Czech terriers come in two types: gray, gray-black and coffee-brown with sand. White collar and tail tip allowed.


Czech terriers are suitable for hunting small game, while they are excellent companions, handsome with an extraordinary appearance and stable psyche. Funny short-legged dogs, cheerful, fearless, active and cheerful. These are pets devoted to their owners, with an accommodating disposition, which is unique among the terrier brethren. The dog will find a common language with children, the elderly and even with other animals. But, of course, a certain training is required to complete the last point . And they are also vigilant watchmen: in case of any, in their opinion, suspicious situation, they will warn the owners with a ringing bark.

Czech Terrier Care

The main care is hair care. In order for the pet not to look like a mophead, the dog should be cut – contact the groomers or learn this business yourself. Terriers are shaped with a skirt and beard, the body is cut short, sometimes a funny tassel is left on the tail. The skirt and beard are combed regularly with a comb with long teeth. The haircut is updated at least once every three months. They bathe the pet as it gets dirty – but because of the short paws, the skirt and stomach get dirty quickly. As an option – in bad weather, dress up in a raincoat.

Conditions of detention

Terriers can be kept both in an apartment and in a country house. Dogs are smart, quickly learn all the tricks of life side by side with the owner. Well, it’s up to the owner himself to decide whether the dog can sleep on the couch or strictly in his own sunbed . In any case, the pet needs to be provided with a full range and the ability to run and play.


The breed is not particularly expensive, because it is not yet fashionable, but there are very few kennels in Russia that breed Czech terriers. You can buy a puppy for 200-500 euros, but you will either have to queue up for a dog in advance and wait for it to be born and grow up, or contact foreign kennels.

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