Bavarian Mountain Hound
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Bavarian Mountain Hound

Characteristics of Bavarian Mountain Hound

Country of originGermany
The sizeAverage
Growth44–52 cm
Weight20–25 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupHounds and related breeds
Bavarian Mountain Hound Characteristics

Brief information

  • Calm and quiet, without a reason they will not give a voice;
  • The brave ones are not afraid to defend their family;
  • Devotees.


The light and fast Bavarian hound was bred in the 19th century, experts suggest. Her ancestors are Hanoverian hounds and German Brakki. Neither one nor the other could hunt in the mountainous terrain. Then the breeders were given the task of bringing out a dog for hunting in the mountains. This is how the Bavarian mountain hound appeared.

The Bavarian Hound is a worthy representative of the family, it is a dog of one owner, to whom she is ready to faithfully serve all her life. Pleasant in communication, they treat all family members well. And strangers are met quite calmly, without obvious aggression. So you should not count on the fact that a hunting dog will become an excellent guard. Although, of course, it all depends on the specific animal and its character.

Interestingly, the Bavarian hounds are used not only for hunting. Representatives of the breed do an excellent job, for example, in the police service. All thanks to the excellent instinct of these dogs and proper training .

By the way, training Bavarian hounds is not so difficult. But a novice owner is unlikely to cope with a tireless dog. If there is little experience, it is better to entrust this matter to a professional. Some dogs are capable of shaking their owners in the form of disobedience or mayhem in the apartment. It is not worth reacting to such provocations; most often, destructive behavior is corrected by education.


The Bavarian Mountain Hound is not very popular outside of its homeland. In Russia, it is known only among hunters. However, there are those who keep a dog as a companion. She gets along well with other animals in the house and treats children warmly, although she does not show much interest and is definitely not suitable for the role of a nanny.

Despite the calm and balanced character, the dog needs early socialization . They begin this process as early as 2-3 months – it is very important not to miss the moment and take care of the puppy in time.

The Bavarian Hound is an excellent sportsman. But you should not expect success in agility and similar sports from her: this breed is too stubborn and independent. But the dog will master coursing or frisbee with ease.

Bavarian Mountain Hound Care

The Bavarian Mountain Hound does not require careful care from the owner. Periodically, the pet is combed out with a massage brush, the fallen hairs are removed. During the molting period, the procedure is repeated more often, up to 2-3 times a week.

The owners of the Bavarian hounds pay special attention to the ears of the dog. With insufficient care, pathogenic bacteria develop in them, which provoke the development of inflammation.

Conditions of detention

The Bavarian mountain hound, as you might guess, requires activity from the owner. The owner must be ready for many hours of daily walks and games. A tired dog is a happy dog, this expression fits the Bavarian hounds perfectly.

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