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Characteristics of Bakhmul

Country of originAfghanistan
The sizeLarge
Growth65–74 cm
Weight22–34 kg
Age12–14 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Bakhmul Characteristics

Brief information

  • Independent, independent;
  • Intelligent;
  • Another name for the breed is the Afghan native hound.


Bakhmul (or Afghan native hound) is considered not only one of the most ancient breeds, but also one of the “clean”, that is, they have retained their original appearance with little or no change. Today it is rather difficult to establish its origin. According to one version, the ancestors of this greyhound are Egyptian dogs, according to another, dogs from India and Pakistan.

The Afghan Native Hound is an amazing breed. These dogs are ideal hunters in mountainous and desert areas. They easily tolerate harsh natural conditions in the form of temperature changes and strong winds.

Today, representatives of the breed start up as companions. In Russia there is a club of lovers of the Afghan aboriginal greyhound. The owners of these dogs try to maintain and improve the working qualities of their pets.

At first glance, the Afghan native hound may seem extremely unsociable. But it is not so. Yes, indeed, the dog is distrustful of strangers, avoids communicating with them. However, in the family circle it is an affectionate and gentle dog.


As for the protective qualities, breed lovers often tell how bakhmuls participated in wars and saved the lives of not only their owners, but also entire detachments of soldiers. So today, the Afghan native hound is famous for its character and readiness to protect people dear to it to the last.

Bakhmul is not easy to train. These dogs are wayward. The owner will have to look for a special approach to the pet, because the success of the whole process depends on mutual understanding.

In general, bakhmul is a cheerful and cheerful dog. He gets along well with children, loves noisy games, especially loves running.

By the way, the Afghan native hound gets along well with animals in the house. Since the bakhmul most often works in pairs hunting, he can find a common language with other dogs. The main thing is that the “neighbor” should not be in conflict.

Bakhmul Care

Translated from Dari and Pashto, “bakhmal” means “silk, velvet.” The breed was named so for a reason. Afghan mountain hounds have a long, silky coat. But don’t let the dog’s appearance intimidate you. In fact, caring for her is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

After a walk, the hair is combed out with a special brush, it is enough to repeat this procedure once a week. Periodically, the pet is bathed with a special shampoo and conditioner. And in autumn and spring, when molting sets in, the dog is combed out 2-3 times every week.

Conditions of detention

Bakhmul loves speed and running. And the owner will have to put up with this. Long walks, trips to nature – all this is necessary for a pet to be happy. By the way, representatives of this breed successfully participate in sports competitions for hunting dogs, including chasing a mechanical hare.

Bakhmul – Video

Бакхмуль (Афганская аборигенная борзая)

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