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Characteristics of Lapinporokoira

Country of originFinland
The sizeAverage
Growth43–52 cm
Weight24–30 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupSpitz and breeds of primitive type
Lapinporokoira Characteristics

Brief information

  • Other breed names: Lapland Herder, Lapland Walhund and Lapinporocoira;
  • Energetic and sociable;
  • Friendly to other animals;
  • Always ready to go.


Bred in Finland, in the homeland of the Lapps or Sami people, Lapinporokira is the closest relative of the Finnish Lapphound. Both dogs are herding dogs, but the Lapinporocoira is a Sheepdog and the Lapphound is a Laika.

Interestingly, in the 20th century, the Finns tried to replace the Lappish reindeer herding sheepdogs in the service – they decided to manage the herd with the help of technology. But it turned out that the deer are afraid of the sound of the engine, as a result, the experiment failed.

Lapinporocoira still successfully copes with the duties of a shepherd. Moreover, unlike many dogs, representatives of this breed work exclusively with their voice, it is impossible to work differently with deer – these artiodactyls are too sensitive.


It is curious that the Lappish Reindeer Sheepdog can be black, chocolate and red in color. Light colors are not allowed by the standard. The reason is that deer and sheep are afraid of white and grayish dogs, mistaking them for wolves.

The Loparskaya reindeer herding sheepdog is not only a service breed, it is also a wonderful companion. This small energetic dog can become both a favorite of a large family with children and a single person.

This is an extremely friendly and sociable breed. Some breeders note that these are very trusting dogs, and they never show aggression towards strangers. If they understand that a person does not threaten their family, then they will gladly communicate with him.

The Lopar reindeer herding sheepdog is easy to train. This is a diligent student who listens carefully to his teacher. However, he is also often distracted – representatives of the breed are playful and restless.

Lapinporocira quickly finds a common language with other animals. The dog works in a pack, so there are no problems with relatives. If the puppy grew up surrounded by different pets, they will definitely become friends.

These animals treat children with care, with understanding. Warm relationships develop with school-age children who can take care of their pet on their own.

Lapinporokoira Care

The short coat of the Lapinporocoyra sheds twice a year. The coat of these dogs is thick, with an undercoat, so during the change of hairline it should be looked after especially carefully. The dog should be brushed twice a week with a furminator.

Do not forget about the rules of hygiene. Weekly it is recommended to inspect the ears and eyes of the animal, periodically cut the claws. To keep your pet’s teeth healthy , you should give him special hard treats that gently clean the teeth of plaque.

Conditions of detention

Active Lappish reindeer herding sheepdogs can live in a city apartment, but the owner will have to walk for a long time with the pet two or three times a day. A park or forest is suitable as a place for a walk so that the dog can run properly.

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