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Characteristics of Weller

Country of originGermany
The sizelarge
Growth50–60 cm
Weight30–35 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupnot recognized
Weller Characteristics

Brief information

  • Smart;
  • Faithful;
  • Active;
  • Easily trainable;
  • Distrustful of strangers.

Origin story

The idea of ​​creating the breed came from Karin Wimmer-Kickbusch, who had extensive experience with Briards. By the way, the breed is named after her: Karin comes from the Westerwald (mountains in Germany), where the locals are called “wellers” in the dialect.

Wimmer-Kickbush set a goal to combine the best qualities of the Briard and the Australian Shepherd in terms of health and working qualities to produce a strong dog with a good character. The first litter was born in 1994, but the final work on crossbreeding and selection of desirable dogs ended in 2005.


Weller is one of the youngest modern dog breeds. They are harmoniously built, with a strong physique, strong, hardy, moderately muscular.

They can have quite large differences in appearance – in the structure of the coat and color. But the color must be rich and clear.

The Weller has a small undercoat and a shiny, dense coat that reaches a length of 7 cm, which requires regular combing.

Eye color can be any. Scissor bite. The ears are set high, of medium size, hanging. The tail is long, with a dewlap, carried low.


Weller is an obedient and attached dog to his family, and to such an extent that, if necessary, he will fiercely protect her. He loves children very much, successfully performs the function of a nanny. Easily trained in various tricks and commands .

This is an excellent companion with great mobility and a lively, friendly, peaceful character. With strangers behaves with restraint, wary, does not allow strangers to approach him.

Can perform watchdog work, engage in various types of dog sports – agility , frisbee , obedience .

Gets along well with other pets, especially if introduced at an early age.

Weller Care

No hassle in care. The main thing is not to overfeed: dogs have a tendency to gain excess weight.

Wool as needed should be combed out with special brushes. The nails grind off on their own, as the dog moves a lot.

Ears and eyes should only be treated if problems occur.

Conditions of detention

Wellers are great for keeping in rural areas, in a country house with a sufficient land area. This breed is not suitable for an apartment, as well as for keeping in an aviary. Most of the time, she needs to be in open space, on the street, as she is an energetic dog that requires a lot of physical activity.

Wellers get used to the new environment quite easily, although it takes some time to adapt.


In Russia, the breed is not common, so the price is unknown. Purebred wellers are bred only in the kennel Wäller Deutschland e.V.

Weller – Video


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