Ardennes Bouvier
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Ardennes Bouvier

Characteristics of Ardennes Bouvier

Country of originBelgium
The sizemedium or large
Growth55-63 cm
Weight22–35 kg
Age12–14 years old
FCI breed groupHerding and cattle dogs other than Swiss cattle dogs
Ardennes Bouvier Characteristics

Brief information

  • Curious, interested;
  • Playful and mischievous;
  • A rare breed, rarely found even in Belgium.


The Ardennes Bouvier is a rather ancient breed of dog. It was formed almost haphazardly, its main breeders and breeders were farmers. The dog helped to protect and guard herds of cows, hence, by the way, the name: “bouvier” in Flemish literally means “bull shepherd”. Interestingly, each Belgian region had its own type of dog. However, the First World War severely reduced the number of breeds: Bouvier de Roulers, Bouvier de Moerman and Bouvier de Paret disappeared. Only two types exist today, the Ardennes Bouvier and the Flanders .

The Ardennes Bouvier is one of those breeds of dogs that are valued not for their exterior, but for their working qualities. Executive, hardworking and obedient – all these are the Bouviers de Ardenne.

Representatives of the breed are serious executive hard workers. They can hardly be found as companions, mainly the life of these animals takes place on a farm, where to this day they help to guard and protect livestock. Loyal dogs are ready to serve their master all their lives. Nothing is required from the owner: respect, affection and love.

Like any working dog, the Ardennes Bouvier does not show his emotions too often, except perhaps in relation to children. Basically, this is a serious dog who is constantly on the alert and controls whether there is danger nearby.


The Ardennes Bouvier needs a strong hand and training. Without proper education, the dog becomes uncontrollable. She strives for independence and can be stubborn. Therefore, a beginner is unlikely to be able to cope with training on his own. But, as soon as the owner and his pet find a common language, everything falls into place.

Ardennes Bouvier is easy on children. He is ready to support active games, frolic in the fresh air, but is unlikely to tolerate an unceremonious attitude towards himself. Therefore, Bouvier is not allowed near the kids, but he is inseparable from schoolchildren.

The animals in the Bouvier’s house are his own flock, which must be protected. Smart and quick-witted shepherds do not show aggression even towards cats and small rodents, but there can be problems with a dog of the same sex that seeks to take the place of a leader.


Bouvier’s long, hard coat falls into tangles without proper care and is poorly combed. Therefore, the dog must be combed every week. In spring and autumn, when molting occurs, the pet is combed with a furminator two to three times a week.

Conditions of detention

The Ardennes Bouvier is a typical farm dweller. Life in an apartment is hardly suitable for him, and it is almost impossible to meet a dog of this breed in the city. Although with proper care, long walks and sports, the pet will be happy even in a confined space. For him, the main thing is that the owner is nearby.

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