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American Bulldog

Characteristics of American Bulldog

American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a strong, muscular and hardworking dog. Devoted to the owner and all his family.

Country of originUSA
The sizeMedium
Growth55-68 cm
Weight35-60 kg
Age10-15 years old
FCI breed groupnot recognized by the FCI
American Bulldog Characteristics


Excellent watchdog instinct;
Quickly learn new skills and commands;
No need to brush too often;
Hardy and powerful.

Tend to be stubborn;
Large size;
Does not get along well with other pets;
Active walks and physical activity are required.
Pros and cons of American Bulldog

Basic information about the American Bulldog

  • A distinctive feature of the breed is a very strong jaw. This dog has an iron grip.
  • There are currently two varieties of American Bulldogs – the type bred by John D. Johnson and the type that was developed by Alan Scott. The former are reminiscent of English bulldogs in appearance , while the latter are more like pit bulls .
  • These animals need education and training . Otherwise, they will become disobedient. For beginner dog breeders, such a dog is hardly suitable.
  • Young dogs are very mobile and jumpy. In adulthood, they become more calm.
  • Their salivation level is quite high. If you don’t want drool on furniture and carpets, wipe them regularly with specially prepared soft cloths.
  • American Bulldogs are officially banned in countries like Singapore and Denmark.

History reference

The American Bulldog is a breed that is relatively young and has not yet been recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

The dogs are considered relatives of Staffordshires and Boxers . It can be difficult for non-specialists to tell these three breeds apart.

In ancient times, the British used such animals to bait bulls. This bloody spectacle could hardly be called humane, but it was very popular and profitable in those days. In 1853, bullying was officially banned.

The ancestors of modern American Bulldogs had a slightly different exterior: their limbs were higher and their muzzle was longer. Since the breeders of that time were interested in developing the fighting qualities of dogs, they sought to make their legs shorter and their bodies more massive and stronger.

It was also believed that the jaws should be short – so the grip will be stronger. For this purpose, pugs were involved in breeding work . Bulldogs were also infused with the blood of greyhounds and mastiffs.

For the first time the name “bulldog” sounded in 1800. The illustrator Sydenham Edwards, in his work British Cynology, describes these dogs as medium-sized animals with short hair, calling them Bulldogs.

american bulldog in autumn foliage
Photo of american bulldog

Such dogs were brought to America only in the first half of the 18th century, when the flow of emigrants from Great Britain increased several times.

Here these dogs were used for other purposes. They were assistants to farmers: they guarded houses, participated in the hunt for a large animal. Since cattle breeding was well developed in America, bulldogs began to be attracted to shepherd work. Due to their strength and stamina, the dogs coped with everything and were considered completely versatile.

The Americans have largely changed the exterior. They increased the mass of the animal, made it as efficient and powerful as possible. Only the largest individuals were selected for breeding, bulldogs, which were considered small, were immediately eliminated.

The American Bulldog Club was opened in Boston in 1890. Initially, its participants used the English Bulldog breed standard in their work, but after a few years they published their own. The first standard was approved in 1896.

Professionally, Americans became interested in bulldogs only in the 20th century. The main merit in the formation of the breed belongs to John D. Johnson and Alan Scott. These specialists literally resurrected her, because the dogs practically disappeared after the Second World War.

The world learned about the existence of such pets only in the 1980s. In 1999, American Bulldogs were recognized by the United Kennel Club.

Description of the American Bulldog

American Bulldogs are medium-sized animals. They are perfectly built, the muscles are very prominent, well visible under the skin. Physique – like an athlete, the body looks proportional. The skeleton is strong.

The coat is short and smooth. The undercoat is missing. Colors, according to the standard, can be several.

The skin is of moderate thickness, fits snugly to the body of the animal. Shallow wrinkles in the muzzle and neck are acceptable.


It is large in size in the American Bulldog, but at the same time looks harmoniously in relation to the body of the dog. The muzzle is short. The cranium is wide, voluminous. The forehead is high, slightly thickened. The occiput is almost invisible.

Large nose. The nostrils of American Bulldogs are wide and open. Both black and brown noses are allowed (in individuals of lighter colors). A slight depigmentation of the lobe is not considered a marriage (up to 25%). The bridge of the nose should be straight.

The lips are close to the jaws and may be slightly moist. Strong sagging is unacceptable.

Teeth are large and white. Snack – snack.

muzzle view of american bulldog


They have a rounded shape. Their size is small. The bulge is considered a significant defect for the American Bulldog. Spread far apart. Proteins should not be visible. Eyelids close fitting. Their pigmentation is rich, black or brown. Slight depigmentation is allowed.

The color of the iris can be either dark or light: from hazel to dark brown. But a darker shade of eyes is desirable.


Ears are medium in size. Landing – high. The base rests on strong cartilage, the upper part of the ear hangs down.

The shape of the ears of the American Bulldog is a triangle. Their edges are rounded. The set of ears can be either in the form of a “rose” or an “envelope”.


Has an average length. rounded. The muscles on it are perfectly visible. The scruff of the American Bulldog is well defined. A small suspension is not a marriage.


The topline should be straight. The underline is moderately tucked up. A slight bulge at the waist is acceptable. The withers of the American Bulldogs are clearly visible.

The chest is powerful and wide. According to the standard, it should reach the elbow joints. Ribs well sprung.


At the base, the tail of the American Bulldog is significantly thickened, towards the end it becomes noticeably narrower. His landing is low. Ideally, it should reach the hocks of the dog.

In the process of running or walking, the dog carries it on the back. A slight bend at the tip of the tail is not a significant defect.

view of the body and tail of the american bulldog


The legs of the American Bulldog are quite wide. According to the standard, the front legs are set wider than the hind legs. If you look at the animal from the front or from behind, then its legs should be straight. Their bones appear to be very strong. The muscles of the limbs are well developed.

The paws are rounded. Fingers are collected in a “lump”. The shape of the paws of the hind limbs is slightly elongated than the forelimbs.


The dog moves straight, springy, free. The characteristic gait of the American Bulldog is the trot.

wool cover

It is short in representatives of this breed. Its length should not exceed 1.5 cm. The coat is shiny, fits tightly.

American bulldog color

According to the standard, colors can be of several types:

  • White;
  • Ginger;
  • Brindle.

All types of colors in American Bulldogs can be either raincoat or spotted. White spots are obligatory, they occupy at least 30% of the body. A small amount of speck is not a defect.

Size and weight

The height at the withers of such dogs varies from 55 to 68 cm. Females are always smaller than males.

The desired weight for an adult American Bulldog is 35-60 kg.

American bulldog personality

Since ancient times, such a dog has lived next to a person and is used to serving him. That is why American Bulldogs are loyal and loyal.

The dog is always ready to protect all members of the family in which he lives. There are legends about the courage and bravery of these pets, they are not at all unfounded.

American Bulldogs are tolerant of children. Ready to play ball with them, hide and seek, catch up. However, parents should always remember: leaving a small child unattended with this powerful dog is not worth it. A dog, through negligence, can drop a baby, scratch it, or simply scare it with something. Games are played only under the strict supervision of adults.

American Bulldogs have a fairly high level of intelligence, they learn new information quickly, mastering commands is easy for them. In general, such a dog is very disciplined and obedient. But sometimes it can act on its own, without waiting for a command, because the fighting past of the animal has taught him to make decisions as the situation develops.

Security instincts at a high level. American Bulldogs always guard the territory they consider their home. Strangers who come to visit for the first time will be treated with distrust. With people already familiar behave calmly.

American Bulldogs are agile and athletic. Can participate in various dog sports. They easily overcome the obstacle course, hang on the wheel. Despite their impressive size, the dogs are active and energetic.They need regular physical activity.

If the dog does not splash out energy, he may begin to spoil things in the house. Given the size and strength of the animal, losses can be significant. It is recommended to buy a large number of toys for the American Bulldog : they are very fond of chewing on everything, especially in childhood.

Such animals bark very rarely. They are quite quiet. Most of the time they bark for a reason. The voice of the American Bulldog warns the owner of the threat.

A well-bred dog treats relatives on the walking area calmly. But, if he is challenged, then, of course, he will answer it. The socialization of the animal should be given enough time and deal with it from a very early age.

They do not get along well with other pets in the same house. It is recommended to have an American Bulldog as the only pet. He is quite jealous.

ambul sits on a bench in the park

Education and training

Buying a puppy is the appearance of another full-fledged family member in the house. Prepare for this event in advance. Be sure to buy pet ammunition for walking – a leash, a collar and a muzzle. It is also important to purchase a sunbed, dishes, dog toys in advance. It is worth choosing special toys, since ordinary children’s toys are made from inappropriate materials. Rubber, for example, for the manufacture of toys for dogs, a special one is used – cast. This type of material is high-strength, the dog will not be able to bite off a piece of it and swallow it.

The bed is chosen based on the size of the dog. It is important to place it in a convenient place – without drafts, quiet and calm, so that the ambul can rest and sleep there.

You can start training your puppy as soon as he arrives in the house. First, teach him a nickname. Choose a simple, uncomplicated name, it is better if the word consists of 1-2 syllables, no more. This nickname is easy to pronounce and easy to remember. For puppies taken in kennels and already having a name, they come up with a simple abbreviation of the nickname recorded in the documents.

A dog is taught to a leash, collar and muzzle from puppyhood, at first putting on ammunition at home.

american bulldog training

The dog should have its own bowls for food and water. Do not feed the animal from the table, snacking often leads to problems with being overweight.

Mastering the basic set of commands is important for every pet. This will allow the owner to prevent unwanted behavior of the dog, both at home and on the street. With the help of the “Fu” command, you can forbid the American Bulldog to pick up garbage from the road. The command “Stop” or “Come to me” stops a dog who decides to run after a cat.

You can start learning teams as early as puppyhood – at 2-3 months. Do not learn several commands at once. Do this in sequence. So the puppy is easier to learn new information, he will not get confused.

Never scold your pet if something does not work out for him. Be patient, don’t raise your tone.

Don’t forget about rewards. It is better if they are “delicious”. Treat the animal after each correctly executed command.

A well-bred and socialized American Bulldog is a dog that does not bring trouble to its owner. She is calm and non-aggressive. Does not bark over trifles. It does not need to be closed in a separate room during the reception. She is not afraid of loud noises and strangers.

If you understand that you cannot cope with the upbringing of the American bulldog, then you should seek help from specialists – cynologists.

running ambull

Contents of the American Bulldog

Dogs such as American Bulldogs are not designed to live in an aviary. Their short coat will not be able to keep them warm during cold weather. In a small apartment or house, dogs have little space, they need a spacious living area.

It is necessary to accustom a pet to any kind of hygiene procedures from puppyhood. This will help you avoid problems in the future. Don’t worry if your dog is negative about grooming at first. Teach her to hygiene gradually. Praise after each successful procedure, treat with a treat.

The coat of the American Bulldog does not need too much grooming. Shedding is not very active. Comb out the coat a couple of times a week using a silicone glove brush. This procedure helps not only to remove excess hairs, but also to give the pet a massage that improves blood circulation.

Bathe the animal no more than once a month. Be sure to purchase veterinary shampoos for washing. Human grooming products are not suitable for dogs. The water temperature during bathing should be a certain temperature – 37-39 degrees.

It is important to ensure that soapy water does not flow into the pet’s mouth, ears, eyes. After washing, the wool must be thoroughly wiped with a towel.

Just like humans, Bulldogs can have their teeth brushed daily. Use for this procedure you need specialized dog pastes and brushes.Regular oral hygiene is extremely important.

It helps to prevent the appearance of caries, inflammation of the gums, tartar and plaque. Particular attention should be paid to the teeth of pets in old age. Their enamel is no longer so strong, their teeth are worn out, so caries develops more rapidly. For a thorough cleaning of the oral cavity, you can take your pet for a professional cleaning in the doctor’s office.

Ear cleaning is carried out 1-2 times a week. For this procedure, specialized veterinary lotions are usually used.

Dogs ‘ nails are trimmed every 10-14 days. Animals that walk a lot on the asphalt usually grind them down on their own, and they do not need a haircut at all.

Eyes from accumulated mucus and dirt in the corners can be wiped with special care products. It is better to purchase for the procedure not just lotions for external eye treatment, but drops that are allowed to be instilled into the eyes. Such a remedy should have a gentle composition and not contain antibiotics. Another wipe the eyes with a cotton pad dipped in warm water.

The American Bulldog breed is one of those that drool quite often. You can clean them with a soft cotton cloth or special wipes for dogs.

ambulance near the flower bed


The diet for each pet is selected individually, since each of them has its own nutritional needs. The choice of diet depends on several factors: age, activity, the presence of health problems.

The main task of the feed is to provide the body with energy and useful substances. Only a properly balanced diet can cope with this task. The owner himself will not be able to develop a diet for the animal. To do this, you need to contact specialists – nutritionists.

The frequency of receptions is an extremely individual moment. It depends primarily on the age of the pet. Babies usually eat more often. As you get older, the number of meals you eat decreases. A dog aged one year and above is transferred to two meals a day. Some of the pets eat once a day and feel great. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Food from the table is not allowed. Feeding too often puts too much strain on the digestive tract and leads to serious health problems. In addition, excess weight may appear due to excess calorie intake.

Feeding is important to follow. After all, the process of digestion cannot be called simple. It involves a large number of organs. If you feed your pet strictly by the clock, then the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients will be better. After all, the body will begin to produce gastric juice in advance, specifically by the time the meal begins.

american bulldog near food can

During training, the owners constantly use tasty rewards. To avoid an increase in the calorie content of the diet, it is important that the pieces used as treats are very small in size. You can buy specialized food for training for this.

After finishing the meal, the bowl should be removed from the dog’s field of vision until the next meal. The animal has access only to a bowl of drinking water.

There are two types of food: natural food and prepared food. When choosing any of them, the diet is calculated by a nutritionist. Natural food is a rather complicated option, since it involves daily counting the calorie content of each serving and the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. With ready-made industrial food, everything is easier. The specialist simply selects a specific brand of food for you, you measure out the portion and give it to the dog.

Reception of vitamin and mineral supplements is also prescribed by a doctor. They are necessary only if the dog eats natural food or food that does not contain them. Complete foods already contain vitamins and minerals.

healthy american bulldog

Predisposition to disease

The characteristic diseases of the American Bulldog breed include the following:

  • bone cancer;
  • Diseases of the kidneys and thyroid gland;
  • Allergy;
  • Joint dysplasia .

The average life expectancy of American Bulldogs is 10 to 15 years. In general, these are active and fairly healthy dogs. For the future owner, the most important thing is to choose a conscientious breeder who conducts all the necessary analyzes of the individuals involved in breeding. This ensures that the litter will not have genetic diseases.

Treatments for parasites, external and internal, it is important to carry out in a timely manner. Vaccinate the dog according to the vaccination schedule.

Photo of american bulldog

Who is this breed for?

The American Bulldog is a breed that is suitable for dog breeders planning to have a pet:

  • Strong and hardy;
  • Sports;
  • With excellent guarding instincts;
  • Decisive, courageous and self-confident;
  • With short hair that does not require frequent care.

Ambouli are not suitable for the owner who does not want:

  • Get only one dog (the breed is prone to dominance and jealousy);
  • Spend a lot of time active physical activity;
  • Acquire a dog that is not suitable for life in an aviary.

American Bulldogs can live with a single owner or in a large family. The main thing is to provide the dog with everything necessary: ​​care, walks, proper diet.

The owner of an American Bulldog cannot be a homebody, because you need to walk with him a lot. In addition, the owner must have a strong character and be persistent and demanding so that the dog sees him as a leader and obeys him.

Famous dogs

Two cartoon characters from “Tom and Jerry” – Spike and Tyke – were exactly red American bulldogs.

Bulldog Spike from the cartoon about Tom and Jerry

How to choose a puppy

Buying a puppy is an extremely responsible step. Before such an important acquisition, evaluate your capabilities: is there time for frequent walks, care, education and training. It should be understood that the dog is a full-fledged family member who will live with you for 10-15 years.

American Bulldogs are very unique animals. They have a special character, unusual appearance, giving the impression of a formidable dog. Study the standard before buying, this will help you better understand what the conformation of the breed is. Talk to cynologists, breeders, dog breeders.

Learn more about the breed. About her features, temperament, etc. If you have definitely decided that the ambul is suitable for you, start looking for a breeder.

adult american bulldog puppy

They buy a baby either in a specialized nursery or from a private specialist. Each option can be considered successful, provided that the breeder is experienced and honest.

Feel free to talk to the breeder, ask him any questions. Usually, a specialist who cares about the fate of the wards himself asks questions to potential owners: about their living space, about their experience in keeping dogs. He usually offers the buyer his phone number, which he can call if there are any difficulties later.

Ask to see the puppy’s parents. This will help you understand how he will grow.

You should not choose the first baby that comes across, inspect the entire litter. It is better to give preference to a puppy that is not shy, active, with a good appetite. Examine it from all sides: the eyes should be clear, the tummy soft, the ears clean, without signs of inflammation.

Be sure to pay attention to the premises where dogs are kept. It will be able to tell you about the breeder’s attitude towards his wards. Professional specialists will never allow droppings to be kept in dirt and dust. The room must be clean and tidy. The puppies themselves are washed, tidy.

Photo of American Bulldog puppies

Owner’s personal experience

We studied the reviews of the owners of ambulances.

The majority of dog breeders note that their pets:

  • Have an unusual appearance;
  • Excellent guards and defenders;
  • Does not require too frequent grooming;
  • Loyal and affectionate;
  • They love children.

Many owners say that they often encounter negativity directed at American Bulldogs on the street. From passers-by one can hear statements that it is not worth walking with such dogs in the city, they are afraid to pass by, etc.

In fact, as the owners say, a well-mannered and socialized pet is completely non-aggressive towards other people.

The American Bulldog tends to be stubborn. If he does not see the “leader of the pack” in the owner, he simply will not listen to him. In the case when the dog breeder cannot cope with the upbringing on his own, it is urgent to contact the specialists. It is important to choose a cynologist carefully, not to come to the first one that comes across. It is better to look for it based on the reviews of friends and acquaintances.

The American Bulldog, owners say, loves to chew on everything. Therefore, a sufficient number of toys are bought for him, and it is better to put all expensive things that may be of interest to him in hard-to-reach places. The jaw of the Ambull is powerful, he can very quickly tear anything to shreds.

Portion sizes should be carefully monitored. Dogs are prone to gaining excess weight.

american bulldog resting after a walk in the field

American bulldog prices

After contacting the breeders, we found out how much a puppy of this breed would cost.

For a private specialist, the price tag is always lower – from 300 to 600 $. In the nursery, the cost of ambulances will be higher – 30-50 thousand.

Bitches usually have a higher price tag. In addition, American Bulldogs born to parents who won prizes at exhibitions are more expensive.

American bulldog – Video

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