White Swiss Shepherd
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White Swiss Shepherd

Characteristics of White Swiss Shepherd

Country of originSwitzerland, USA
The sizelarge
Growth56-65 cm
Weight25–40 kg
Age10–13 years old
FCI breed groupherding and cattle dogs, except Swiss cattle dogs
White Swiss Shepherd Characteristics

Brief information

  • There are two varieties of the breed: short-haired and long-haired;
  • Devotees, quickly become attached to the owner;
  • Balanced, calm, intelligent.


The true homeland of the White Swiss Shepherd, despite the name, is not Europe, but the USA. But it is believed that it was European breeders who discovered the potential of the snow-white breed. And it happened not so long ago – in the 1970s. But her ancestors are German Shepherds from the USA and Canada.

While in Europe in the middle of the 20th century the white color of German Shepherds was clearly considered a marriage, American and Canadian breeders decided to keep this trait. Gradually, a breed of white shepherd dogs was formed, which was called “American-Canadian”. A few years later, these dogs were brought to Switzerland, where they began to actively breed. And in 2003, Swiss breeders registered the breed in the IFF .

Like their ancestors, white shepherds are incredibly smart, trusting and devoted to their owner. This dog can be an excellent companion for a single person, a guardian of the house and a protector of the family. The dog is wary of strangers, but not aggressive.


White Swiss Shepherds are intelligent and calm. However, they love active pastime and various games, especially in childhood. In addition, these dogs are very friendly and always welcome family friends. They quickly make contact and sometimes can even take the initiative when meeting.

White Swiss Shepherds have a cheerful disposition, are open to new things and are always ready to support fun, but they cannot be called frivolous. They subtly feel the mood in the house. These dogs are able to empathize and adapt to the state of the owner. Like their German relatives, they will be happy to serve a person.

Good-natured white Swiss shepherds love and respect children. They are ready to play and mess with the kids, realizing that this is their little master. Representatives of the breed also get along quite well with animals. If the shepherd is not the first pet in the house, then she most likely will not insist on the main role.

White Swiss Shepherd Care

Despite the snow-white coat, caring for Swiss Shepherds is not so difficult. The number of brushings depends on the type of coat. Long-haired pets need to be combed every two to three days, and during the molting period – daily. Short-haired dogs are combed less often – once a week, and during the molting period – two to three times.

Interestingly, the coat of Swiss Shepherds does not get dirty in dirt and dust, it cleans itself. This is an important advantage of this breed.

Conditions of detention

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a village dweller, although the dog can take root even in a city apartment. But she needs physical activity and long daily walks. Without activity, the character and physical condition of the dog may deteriorate.

White Swiss Shepherd – Video

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