West Country Harrier (Somerset Harrier)
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West Country Harrier (Somerset Harrier)

Characteristics of West Country Harrier

Country of originGreat Britain
The sizelarge
Growth50 cm
Weight12–20 kg
Age10–14 years old
FCI breed groupHounds and related breeds
West Country Harrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • Excellent working qualities;
  • Compliant and easily trained;
  • They get along well with other dogs.

Origin story

The West Country Harrier is a fairly ancient breed, whose representatives, due to their excellent working qualities, were very common in the south of England. Most often, these dogs were collected in packs and used to drive game . Despite the great popularity earlier, now the breed is on the verge of extinction. The ban on baiting animals contributed to a sharp reduction in livestock. Today, it is almost impossible to find a purebred West Country Harrier, since most representatives of this breed have an admixture of English Foxhound bloodlines . Despite this, the breed is recognized by the FCI and the largest cynological organizations, and its representatives have the right to participate in exhibitions. A breed standard has also been adopted, which clearly stipulates the status of animals, as well as color.


Typical representatives of the breed are rather large animals of a white-lemon-yellow color. The coat color of the West Country Harrier is specifically specified in the standard, as, along with other features, it serves as a marker of purebred dogs. The body of these dogs is proportional, the back is almost straight. The chest is well developed, and the abdomen is tucked up. The head of the West Country Harrier is not very large, the nose is slightly elongated, and the lobe is black. The ears of the representatives of the breed are long and hang freely on the sides of the head, the coat is rather short and dense.


West Country Harriers are sweet and friendly animals. They perfectly adapt to the lifestyle of the owners, get along well with other dogs, without trying to organize fights and harm relatives. Representatives of the breed are well trained and, despite the fact that this is a hunting dog, they may well be considered companions.

West Country Harrier Care

West Country Harriers do not require special care, but owners should not forget about the original purpose of the breed and deprive their pets of long walks. The West Country Harrier will be truly happy if it can hunt. It is recommended to comb the dog at least once a week, but wash it only as needed.


These dogs can be kept in urban apartments, but a house with a plot where you can run all day is ideal.


Since this breed is quite rare and dogs live mainly in their homeland, in England, in order to purchase a puppy, you will need to go for it yourself or arrange delivery. Prices for puppies may vary depending on the bloodlines and hunting skills of the parents.

West Country Harrier – Video

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