Spanish Greyhound (Galgo Español)
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Spanish Greyhound (Galgo Español)

Characteristics of Spanish Greyhound

Country of originSpain
The sizeAverage
Growth64-66 cm
Weight23–29 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupGreyhounds
Spanish Greyhound Characteristics

Brief information

  • Active and sociable;
  • Attaches quickly and strongly;
  • Affectionate, albeit with character.


The first written mention of the Iberian greyhound – the ancestor of the Spanish galgo – dates back to the second century AD. Then the consul of the Roman province of Baetica wrote that these dogs were used in the hunting of hares, which was popular at that time. The Iberians were highly valued by representatives of all classes for their dexterity, speed and keen sense of smell.

Over its history of more than 19 centuries, the Spanish galgo has not changed much. It is still used for hunting in its homeland, and outside it has gained fame as an excellent companion.

The Spanish Galgo is an outgoing dog that loves to spend time with his family. She will be comfortable in a warm, friendly environment. Conversely, in a house where people rarely and little communicate or quarrel, the dog will experience constant stress, and this will affect its health. Also, galgo is not recommended to be left alone for a long time.


In training a galgo, perseverance and patience are required from the owner. Dogs of this breed can be stubborn, but the desire to please the owner usually prevails. From the first days of being in the house, the puppy must understand that he is not the leader in the “pack”. The socialization of these dogs is mandatory from puppyhood, but it is better to postpone professional training for a more conscious age – up to 12-15 months. Even an ill-mannered Spanish galgo will never harm his family members, so this breed can be safely started by those who have children.

Usually, during the hunt, several Spanish galgos were used at once, so dogs of this breed get along well with other pets. At the same time, galgos are loving and can be jealous of their owners for other pets.

Spanish Greyhound Care

The Spanish galgo comes in two types: smooth-coated and coarse-coated. In both cases, the coat of animals is quite short and does not require special care. Smooth-haired dogs need to be combed once every 1-2 weeks, wire-haired – a little less often, while using a special brush with frequent teeth, designed to remove dead hair. Bathing galgo is necessary on average once a month. It is important to choose a shampoo that does not cause an allergic reaction. Like other dog breeds, the Spanish galgo requires regular dental and nail care .

Dogs of this breed can develop hip dysplasia as they age , so it is important to have the dog checked out by a veterinarian every year.

Conditions of detention

The Spanish Galgo is a strong and highly agile breed that requires long, active walks. She will feel best in a private house with a large yard where she can move freely. But it is important to understand that the Spanish galgo is not adapted to living on the street, especially in Russian latitudes. This dog can also live in urban conditions – then you need to walk with it for a long time and a lot (at least 3 hours a day).

Running is a favorite activity of the representatives of the breed, so the dog will be happy to go out with the owner for cycling or rollerblading. Also, a pet can be enrolled in greyhound races, if such are held in your city. The Spanish Galgo is a breed bred to chase small animals, so it should never be walked without a leash. Even the most well-mannered pet can not resist and rush after a yard cat or other animal.

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