Sabueso Español
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Sabueso Español

Characteristics of Sabueso Español

Country of originSpain
The sizeAverage
GrowthGreat Spanish Hound: 49-56 cm

Small Spanish Hound: up to 51 cm
Weightlarge spanish hound: 23–25 cm

small spanish hound: approx. 20 kg
Age11–13 years old
FCI breed groupHounds and related breeds
Sabueso Español Characteristics

Brief information

  • Not friendly;
  • May have problems with other dogs;
  • Excellent hunters.

Origin story

The Spanish hound is one of the most ancient breeds that have survived to this day almost in its original form, but the history of its origin is shrouded in great mystery. Scientists still have not been able to even roughly figure out how she got to the Iberian Peninsula.

There are many different versions, according to one of which her ancestors were the hounds of St. Hubert, who gave rise to most varieties of Spanish hounds.

Starting from the XIV century, hounds began to be used for hunting in packs, but after the introduction of a ban on this type of hunting, the popularity of this breed declined sharply, now it has survived only on the Iberian Peninsula.

The FCI breed standard was approved in 1982.


Rectangular animal, taut, elegant. The dog has a long head and muzzle, the back of the nose is slightly convex.

The eyes are medium in size, brown in color, the ears are thin, long.

The body with developed muscles, powerful, elongated, strong paws. The tail is thick. The coat is hard and short.

The standard color of the Great Spanish Hound is white with large red or black spots.

The color of the small may be different, it may be red or black, except for the neck, muzzle, sternum and lower parts of the paws.

Sabueso Español Character

The dog has an independent, stubborn, temperamental character. This is not an affectionate pet that tends to show warm feelings! However, she is faithful, responsive and devoted to her master, ready to stand up for him at a dangerous moment.

During walks, she can easily succumb to her hunting instincts. Care should be taken not to harm small pets: they may be perceived as legitimate and easy prey.

Much attention must be paid to the upbringing of the animal. It lends itself only to competent, persistent, strict training, otherwise, if the owner shows even a slight weakness, it gets out of control and stops obeying.

The dog is distinguished by the fact that it hunts quite independently, of course, under the guidance of the owner. She is tireless and ready to pursue prey – small game, hares and rabbits – to the bitter end.

A feature of the Spanish hound is that it has a very good sense of smell, so it can work as a rescuer at a disaster site, and also be a bloodhound in the police.

Does not lose high performance even in difficult conditions (for example, in very hot weather), quickly adapts to new terrain.


These dogs are distinguished by good health, Spanish hounds do not require any special care – it is enough to regularly brush their hair and check their ears and claws .

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