Smooth-Haired Dachshund
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Smooth-Haired Dachshund

Characteristics of Smooth-Haired Dachshund

Country of originGermany
The sizeAverage
Growth15–35 cm
Weight4.5-12 kg
Ageup to 14 years old
FCI breed group4 – Dachshunds
Smooth-Haired Dachshund Characteristics

Brief information

  • One of the most popular dog breeds in Russia;
  • Friendly, smart, open;
  • They may be jealous.


The Dachshund is the oldest breed of burrowing hunting dog. Today, no specialist can name the exact time of its occurrence. Images of short-legged squat dogs are found on the frescoes of ancient Egypt.

It is authentically known that the Germans began to officially breed such animals in the 16th century. Passionate hunters, they appreciated the extraordinary abilities of compact dogs that could easily make their way into holes. The ancestors of modern dachshunds are short hounds. By the way, the name of the breed comes from the German phrase “crawling after a badger” – Tachs Kriecher.

The breed standard was adopted in the second half of the 19th century. Today the general group “Dachshunds” in International Cynological Federation unites three types of dogs: wire-haired, long-haired and smooth-haired. In addition, they all come in different sizes.

The smooth-haired dachshund is one of the most famous and beloved breeds in Russia. This is an open and friendly pet, which has a developed intellect and is devoted to its family. Of course, the character of a pet largely depends on its upbringing. If they are not engaged, the dog will be unsociable and angry.

Bring up Dachshund is not difficult, even a beginner can handle it. Especially if the pet is brought in as a companion and the owner does not plan to take part in exhibitions with him.

A loud voice, distrust of strangers and the courage of the representatives of the breed make the Dachshund an excellent guard. At the right time, she is able to notify the owner of the danger.


Dachshunds are loyal and patient with children, but special attention should be paid to the dog when a baby appears in the house. Dachshunds are real owners, while some of them are extremely jealous and even selfish. So it is important to show the pet that the new family member is not a competitor, but another beloved and loving owner.

Despite the decorative appearance, the dachshund is by nature a real hunter. This is manifested in its interaction with relatives and with other animals. She seeks dominance and may conflict with those who do not like it. But such cases do not occur very often, usually the dog quickly finds a common language with neighbors. If there are rodents in the house, then the dog should be introduced to them under close supervision. Dachshunds have very well developed hunting instincts, and they perceive hamsters, rats, mice and other small animals as potential prey.


The short coat of the smooth-haired dachshund does not require much maintenance. It is enough to wipe the pet once a week with a wet hand or a rubber glove to get rid of the fallen hairs.

Conditions of detention

A small dachshund is an ideal city dweller. But do not forget about the hunting nature of such pets. Like all dogs of this type, dachshunds need long walks.

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