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Skye Terrier

Characters of Skye Terrier

Country of originScotland
The sizeSmall
Growth25-26 cm
Weight4–10 kg
Ageup to 15 years
FCI breed groupTerriers
Skye Terrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • The Skye Terrier will get along well with the student, will be his devoted protector, will warn of danger in time. But it is better to protect young children from dogs;
  • This is an ancient breed, the first mention of it dates back to the 16th century;
  • The name of the breed was in honor of the Isle of Skye, where its first representatives lived.


In the 16th century, Skye Terriers were valued by the English aristocracy. These dogs were allowed to be kept in castles, and it was the only breed of terrier that remained purebred in those years. The popularity was high due to the hobby of Queen Victoria – she bred puppies of this breed. Later, Skye Terriers became known in other countries.

The location of the nobility of the dogs of this breed deserved thanks to an extremely developed hunting instinct. Any animal awakens a hunter in the Skye Terrier, who is ready to pursue and defeat the victim. And this means that sky terriers are friends with cats only if they grew up under the same roof.

The character of the Skye Terrier also contains features inherent in all terriers. Intelligence, courage and devotion to the owner make this dog an excellent companion. Loyalty to a person, which these pets show, often remains in family stories. Having chosen one beloved owner from all the inhabitants of the house, the sky terrier serves him throughout his life and, it happens, dies immediately after the death of the owner.


Skye Terriers hardly tolerate outsiders in the house, they keep themselves aloof, anxious. This must be taken into account during the puppy’s growing up period, and it is imperative to give him the opportunity to fully socialize , otherwise, over time, it will be difficult for the pet to learn how to get to know guests.

Such a dislike for strangers is natural for this breed, and it was bred with an emphasis on excellent security qualities. The Skye Terrier is a vigilant watchman and, despite its small size, perfectly copes with the role of a protector.

Skye Terrier Care

Like all breeds with thick coats, the Skye Terrier needs careful grooming. Fortunately, unlike many other terriers, he does not require trimming (plucking). The skye terrier needs to be combed every day , otherwise he risks turning into an untidy miracle with tangles all over his body.

Of the advantages of this breed, breeders note good health. Since ancient times, sky terriers have grown in a difficult climate and over the centuries have undergone strict natural selection. In addition, the breed was rare and avoided chaotic mating.

It is important to remember that the Skye Terrier should not be loaded with increased physical activity too early. He has a long body and short legs, so up to eight months of age jumping over the barrier, running too hard and other exhausting workouts can damage the puppy’s spine and joints. The Skye Terrier is mobile, he needs physical activity, but as he grows up, his health depends on the prudence and sense of proportion of the owner.

Conditions of detention

The Skye Terrier calmly perceives the coolness, but the onset of hot days is a nuisance for him. This dog is suitable for life in an apartment or in a house – it is better to choose a different breed for life in an aviary.

Like a dog of any other hunting breed (and the Skye Terrier was bred to hunt burrowing animals), this dog will most of all like a walk in the park, where you can run around, find traces of small rodents, and explore the territory.

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