Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog
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Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog

Characteristics of Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog

Country of originRomania
The sizeLarge
Growth57–75 cm
Weight32–80 kg
Age12–14 years old
FCI breed groupHerding and cattle dogs other than Swiss cattle dogs
Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog Characteristics

Brief information

  • Strict and reliable guards;
  • Proud, independent;
  • Loyal to their owner and family, they are aggressive towards strangers.


The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog, like many representatives of this group, is an ancient breed. However, its exact age cannot be determined today. The ancestors of these dogs come from the Carpathian-Danube region.

The first breed standard was developed in the 1930s at the National Zootechnical Institute of Romania. The International Cynological Federation recognized it relatively recently – in 2015.

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog is a working breed. And she has a character to match. This is one owner’s dog. The pet is so devoted to the “leader” that in moments of danger he is able to sacrifice himself for him. He treats the rest of the family with respect and love. Although these feelings can not be compared with the adoration of the owner.

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd does not tolerate strangers and treats them quite aggressively, which makes it an excellent watchdog. If you are considering getting a guard dog, consider this breed. But, of course, like all representatives of the service group, she needs training.


It is unlikely that an amateur will succeed in raising such a pet on his own – a professional approach is required here. With a shepherd dog, it is recommended to go through not just a general training course, but also a protective guard duty course.

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog is a calm and balanced breed. In order for her representative to really be such, it is necessary to socialize the puppy in time.

Shepherd is loyal to children, but the child must know the rules of behavior with pets. Leaving kids alone with large dogs is undesirable, games should be supervised by adults.

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd is indifferent to relatives and other animals in the house. How the dog will react to the “neighbors” largely depends on their upbringing.

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog Care

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog has a long coat that requires grooming. The dog is brushed weekly with a stiff brush or a large dog furminator And during the molting period – in autumn and spring, the procedure is carried out twice a week.

Conditions of detention

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog can become a city dweller, provided regular walks and enough space in the apartment. But still, most of these dogs are given in a private home. Such pets can live in their own aviary.

Most large dogs need special care as they grow up. The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog is no exception. The thing is that during the period of growing up, the joints do not always have time to form, so the puppy is prone to diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, cynologists recommend monitoring the activity of pets of this breed for up to a year: for example, do not let them run for a long time, as well as lift and lower them down the stairs in their arms.

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog – Video

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