Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog
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Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog

Characteristics of Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog

Country of originRomania
The sizeLarge
Growth65–75 cm
Weight45–60 kg
Age10–14 years old
FCI breed groupHerding and cattle dogs other than Swiss cattle dogs
Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog Charracteristics

Brief information

  • Good-natured, calm;
  • Single owner dog
  • It has an impressive size.


The Romanian Myoritic Sheepdog is descended from herding dogs that have inhabited the region of the Carpathian Mountains since ancient times. Working qualities, and not at all appearance, were decisive in the selection of these animals. Although it is thanks to the extraordinary appearance and wonderful character that the Romanian Miori Shepherd Dog has won the hearts of many breeders today.

The first breed standard was adopted in the 1980s, and it was registered in the FCI in 2002.

The Romanian Myoritic Shepherd is impressive at first sight. Large shaggy dogs inspire fear, seem serious and even formidable guards. But this is only half true.

Indeed, representatives of the breed diligently protect their family and will never make contact with a stranger. The instincts of a shepherd dog come into play: to defend their territory at any cost. However, these animals do not show aggression – they intimidate the offender. And anger is considered a disqualifying vice.


In the family circle, the Romanian Myoritic Shepherd Dog is the most gentle and affectionate pet that simply loves to be the center of attention! But, of course, the main thing for a shepherd dog is the owner, next to him she is ready to spend all the time. Often these dogs even choose a resting place not far from the owner’s bed.

It is desirable to train the Romanian Myoritic Shepherd Dog together with a cynologist. It is worth taking a general training course with a dog, and if it is planned to keep it as a watchman, then it will also be useful to take a protective guard service course .

Representatives of the breed treat children with understanding. But the games of the animal and the baby should be under the control of adults: large dogs are clumsy, so that they can inadvertently injure the child.

The Romanian Myoritic Sheepdog is good-natured, and its friendliness extends to other animals in the house. She is interested in both other dogs and cats – she will take care of them equally diligently.


Despite the long fur, the Romanian Miori Sheepdogs are unpretentious in care. It is enough to brush your pet once a week with a furminator or a stiff brush for large dogs. It is also necessary to examine the eyes and ears of the pet weekly, periodically trim his claws .

Conditions of detention

Guard dogs do not require very active walks, because the main thing for them is to be close to the owner. Nevertheless, the Romanian Myoritic Shepherd Dog is taken for a walk twice a day.

By the way, in puppyhood, representatives of the breed are real fidgets. It is worth keeping an eye on an indefatigable pet.

Like many large dogs, puppies develop too quickly before the age of one, so that their joints can sometimes not withstand the load. Therefore, it is important to observe the condition of the animal, changes in its behavior and mood and, if necessary, show it to the veterinarian.

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog – Video

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd - Facts and Information

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