Perdigueiro Galego
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Perdigueiro Galego

Characteristics of Perdigueiro Galego

Country of originSpain
The sizelarge
Growth55–60 cm
Weight12–20 kg
Age10–14 years old
FCI breed groupnot recognized
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Brief information

  • Ideal for hunting
  • Possess excellent working qualities;
  • Wayward;
  • Requires a firm hand.

Origin story

The Galician Bracc (or Galician Pointer) is considered one of the oldest dog breeds. According to one version, the breed was formed naturally in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and was tamed by people several millennia ago. Despite the fact that the Galician bracque is almost ideally suited for hunting in the north of Spain, including the climate and landscape of this area, the breed has not gained mass popularity. Representatives of the breed were replaced by local hunters for quite a long time for work with dogs of other hunting breeds, which put the Galician Bracca on the brink of extinction. But enthusiasts are trying to prevent the complete destruction of these dogs. Since 1999, active work has been carried out to restore the Galician Bracca, the breed is recognized by the Spanish Kennel Club,


The Galician Bracc is a bold, active dog of medium size. The physique is dense, the muscles are well developed. The head of typical representatives of the breed is wide in the skull, the transition from the forehead to the muzzle is well pronounced. The ears are rather long, hanging. The eyes of Braccos are dark, large. The coat is short, thick and dense. The color can be any shade of red, as well as black, white marks and specks are allowed. The tail of the Galician Braccoi is quite long, tapering from the base to the end.


Representatives of the breed are non-confrontational, very devoted to their owners, have a good flair and endurance. They get along well with children. However, the owners will need a firm hand and quite a lot of effort in training and training representatives of the breed, since these animals have an independent and self-willed character. But, having achieved obedience from the dog, the owners get a wonderful helper and friend.


Caring for the Galician bracque is not burdensome, however, owners need to monitor the condition of their pets’ eyes and ears , and also do not forget about the annual vaccination . The coat also does not require special care, but it is still worth brushing and combing the dog regularly.

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