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Characteristics of Mastino Neapolitano

Country of originItaly
The sizeLarge
Growth60–75 cm
Weightup to 74 kg
FCI breed groupPinschers and Schnauzers, Molossians, Mountain and Swiss Cattle Dogs, section
Mastino Characteristics

Brief information

  • Calm and balanced;
  • Excellent defenders and guards;
  • Friendly, non-confrontational.


Mastino Neapolitano is an ancient breed of dog from Italy, or rather from Naples, which is reflected in the name. It is believed that Mastino are descendants of Roman fighting dogs. Throughout the history of their existence, they were real hard workers: they guarded and guarded the farms and farms of Italian peasants. The breed standard did not exist until the middle of the 20th century, because of this, mastino developed chaotically and unsystematically. For the first time, the need for recognition of this breed of dogs was announced by their ardent fan – breeder Pietro Scanziani. And three years later, in 1949, the standard was officially adopted.

Mastino Neapolitano – good-natured giants. You can say about them “terrible on the outside, good on the inside.” But in order for a pet to behave appropriately, it must be educated. Training should start as early as possible. When the puppy is three months old, you need to decide what you want from the Mastiff. Will he be a guard or a companion? This will depend on the nature of the training. If you have little experience with dogs, it is better to seek help from a professional dog handler .

Mastino Neapolitano is a large dog who is not averse to commanding and becoming the leader of the “pack”. The owner will have to prove that he is the head of the house.


Mastino are not very energetic dogs. They prefer passive rest: lying next to their beloved owner on a quiet calm evening is one of the favorite activities of representatives of this breed. By the way, mastino can be both the dog of one owner and the whole family, it depends on the upbringing.

Mastino children are treated gently and reverently. They are ready to endure their antics for a long time and not even show their indignation. But the Neapolitano will dictate its own rules to the animals in the Mastino house. Dogs of this breed do not tolerate competition and always strive for leadership. However, much depends on the nature of a particular pet.

Mastino Care

The short coat of the Neapolitano mastino does not require careful care. It is enough to wipe it with a damp towel to remove dead hairs. Skin folds require special attention – they must be cleaned once a week.

Conditions of detention

Mastino Neapolitano is a freedom-loving dog. A large pet is hardly able to get along in an apartment, where he will feel much better in a private house outside the city. But they contain representatives of this breed in free range – they cannot be put on a chain.

The Neapolitano mastino loves to eat, so the owner should carefully monitor the dog ‘s diet . This also applies to puppies. The fact is that they quickly gain mass, and fragile bones and ligaments cannot always cope with such weight. In childhood, mastino is literally worn on the hands, protecting and protecting the dog from possible physical exertion. In adulthood, intensive exercises for representatives of this breed, on the contrary, are necessary.

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