American Bullnese
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American Bullnese

Characteristics of American Bullnese

Country of originUSA
The sizeAverage
Growth21-26 cm
Weight6–13 kg
Age12–14 years old
FCI breed groupnot recognized
American Bullnese

Brief information

  • Active;
  • Sociable;
  • Funny;
  • Energetic.

Origin story

The American Bullnez is a very young breed. Robert Rees, a breeder from the United States of America, started breeding these funny pugs only in 1989. were taken to work pugs, French and english bulldogs and some other dog breeds. It can be stated that Rhys succeeded. True, bullnezes have not yet received recognition from cynological associations, but still ahead.


A small, funny-looking dog with a characteristic short-nosed muzzle, broad-chested, on short strong legs. Hanging ears, medium size. The coat is smooth and short. Color can be anything. The most common is white with black, beige or red spots. There are animals with a brindle or solid color.


Bullnezes are quick-witted, cheerful disposition and sociability. Good as a family dog, companion dog. Many appreciate them for their love for children and absolute non-aggression. True, they have a watchdog instinct – bullnezes will not refuse to bark at a suspicious stranger. These dogs do not like to be left alone, they usually follow their owners with their tail, demanding attention and games. Therefore, it is not worth getting such a pet if you spend almost all the time outside the home. Being constantly alone, the dog can either direct its energy to destruction, or get sick from longing. Easily learn commands and the rules of living in the apartment and then perfectly understand the owners perfectly.

American Bullnese Care

Caring for bulneses is not burdensome. Process as needed claws, ears, eyes. wool from time to time comb out with a thick brush or wipe with a special silicone mitt. The only thing is that the folds on the muzzle require additional attention, they are wiped with napkins or a clean handkerchief so that there is no skin irritation. Well, like all brachycephalic breeds, American Bullneses begin to snore quite loudly with age.

Conditions of detention

This dog, of course, is only an apartment content. She will feel great with loving owners, even in a very small area. But in order for the bullnezes to be in good physical shape, both long walks and training with games are required. In a country house, bullnez will also be able to take root, but not in an open aviary on the street, but only indoors, especially when it comes to the Russian climate. Worth paying attention to diet and the volume of servings – these animals love to eat and tend to be overweight.


You can buy an American Bullnez puppy only in the birthplace of the breed, in the USA. The cost of the animal is agreed with the breeder, but the cost of paperwork and transportation of the dog from overseas must be added to it.

American Bullnese – Video

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