Bergamasco Shepherd
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Bergamasco Shepherd

Characteristics of Bergamasco Shepherd

Country of originItaly
The sizeLarge
Growth54-62 cm
Weight26–38 kg
Age13–15 years old
FCI breed groupHerding and cattle dogs other than Swiss cattle dogs
Bergamasco Shepherd Characteristics

Brief information

  • Calm, quiet;
  • Playful, loyal to children;
  • Devotees quickly become attached to the family;
  • Another name for the breed is Bergamasco.


The Bergamasco is an ancient breed of dog, of which very little is known about its origin. Experts believe that her ancestors were mastiff-like dogs that came along with nomads from the east. One way or another, the Italian city of Bergamo in Lombardy is called the birthplace of large shaggy animals. It was there that the targeted selection of shepherd dogs began, which today help shepherds in mountainous areas.

Bergamasco is not to be confused with another breed – they look too exotic. Fluffy shaggy dogs can scare off outwardly, but in fact they are good-natured and obedient animals. They are incredibly kind to all family members, but they especially single out children and their owner – the leader.

The Bergamasco has excellent protective instincts. If you are looking for a family guard dog, take a look at this breed. Yes, it may not be comparable to the Caucasian Shepherd Dog or another service breed, but the Bergamasco is perfect for the role of everyone’s favorite. The dog does not need to be put on a chain – he will be happy in a private house if he has the opportunity to go out into the yard.


Like other shepherds, the Bergamasco is highly trainable . Of course, sometimes the pet will still show stubbornness, but this behavior is perfectly corrected by training. The main thing is to find an approach to the dog. If the owner has little or no training experience at all, you should think about working with a cynologist . Correcting mistakes in education is quite difficult.

Bergamo shepherd dogs are born helpers, and they perceive the family as a pack that needs to be protected. For this reason, dogs are very gentle with children. Representatives of the breed make excellent caring nannies. Moreover, they are always ready to support any game and even a prank.

Bergamasco treats animals peacefully in the house and will never go into open conflict. But the dog will be able to stand up for itself if the neighbor turns out to be aggressive.

Bergamasco Shepherd Care

Luxurious Bergamasco wool will require patience and time from the owner of the dog. The tangled cords are looked after very carefully – they cannot be combed and cut. The dog’s coat is covered with a special fatty layer that performs a protective function. Therefore, animals are bathed infrequently – 2-3 times a year with a special shampoo and conditioner.

As a rule, owners of the Bergamasco entrust hair care to professionals: at home, a beginner will hardly be able to cope with the dog’s hygiene.

Conditions of detention

Bergamasco can be kept in a spacious city apartment, but the dog will require hours of outdoor walks from the owner. Of course, the pet will feel much freer in a country house.

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