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Characteristics of Mahorero

Country of originSpain
The sizeLarge
Growth55-63 cm
Weight25–45 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Mahorero Characteristics

Brief information

  • Stubborn and wayward;
  • Another name is Pero Mahorero;
  • Not suitable as a first dog;
  • Gets along well with children.


Mahorero is one of the oldest native Spanish breeds living in the Canary Islands. Scientists still cannot figure out how long it has existed. It is believed that Pero Mahorero’s ancestors were brought to the African coast from the Spanish mainland about 600 years ago.

On the islands, mahoreros were traditionally used as herding dogs: they guarded livestock and property. Also in the past, the largest and most aggressive representatives of the breed were baited in dog fights. In recent history, with the modernization of agriculture and the importation of other dog breeds, the mahorero population has been greatly reduced. Today the Kennel Club of Spain is doing everything possible to revive its national breed.

The Mahorero is an independent and calm dog, accustomed to working alone. She likes to independently solve the tasks assigned to her, without much human help. Dogs of this breed have not lost their territorial instinct and are still excellent watchmen.


Mahorero willingly accepts his family and shows his love for her. Despite the fact that these dogs have a very strong bond with children, babies should be supervised when interacting with a pet.

Strangers dogs of this breed ignore or behave aggressively towards them if they feel any danger. One of the main specializations of the dog is protection, so a stranger can be perceived by her as a trespasser. This character trait can be smoothed out only through early, long and careful socialization. It is important to show the young mahorero that guests who are welcome by the owner are not dangerous (for example, they can give treats to the dog when they meet).

The Mahorero has a very stubborn and independent nature, making it a difficult breed to train. Teaching your dog basic commands will take a lot of time and patience. However, even if the pet learns these commands, he may simply ignore them. At the same time, the breed was bred for the protection and grazing of livestock, and mahorero dogs can cope with these functions even without special training.

Mahorero Care

Mahorero does not require scrupulous care. It is enough to comb it out once a week and wash it as it gets dirty. Dog ears require more careful care. They do not allow air to enter the channels, so the water that gets into the ears and the wax secreted does not dry out, which can lead to infection. To avoid this, the ears should be regularly wiped and cleaned of excess hairs.

Like most purebred large dogs, mahoreros are prone to hip dysplasia . Unfortunately, this disease cannot be cured, but its development can be stopped, and the pain of symptoms can be reduced by therapy.

Conditions of detention

Mahorero does not get along well with other animals and often shows aggression. For this reason, it must be walked exclusively in a muzzle and on a leash. Also, do not have other pets.

Mahorero does not need a very large amount of physical activity, but due to its large size it is not recommended to keep it in a city apartment.

Mahorero – Video

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