Lakeland Terrier
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Lakeland Terrier

Characteristics of Lakeland Terrier

Country of originEngland
The sizeAverage
Growth35-38 cm
Weight6.8–7.7 kg
Ageabout 15 years
FCI breed groupTerriers
Lakeland Terrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • The Lakeland Terrier helped the farmers: he protected the lands from small predators and rodents;
  • Very hardy and has inexhaustible energy;
  • A dog of this breed is capricious, does not like to share toys with anyone. Children should be warned about this in advance.


The Lakeland Terrier is one of the oldest breeds in the terrier group, having been known since the 1800s. The word “Lakeland” is translated from English as “lakeland”, it became the name of these dogs after crossing the Bedlington with the English Wirehaired Terrier, which led to the formation of a new breed. It originated in the UK and was bred by dog ​​breeders to hunt burrowing animals including badgers, foxes and other wild animals.

The Lakeland Terrier is a great hunter! He is able to catch up with prey on relief terrain, in forests, fields, near a reservoir. The breed standard was adopted in 1912, when its representatives took part in the first monobreed exhibition. The final changes to the standard were adopted in 2009. The Lakeland Terrier is rarely used for working purposes, mainly this dog is started as a companion.

This breed is characterized by such character traits as pride, perseverance and even stubbornness. The Lakeland Terrier is very hardy and has inexhaustible energy, so it does not get tired during a long walk or a long hunting trip. The dog will not tolerate rivals among other pets – the owner’s attention should belong to her undividedly. Dog handlers recommend treating such a pet as a full member of the family: provide him with personal toys, a bed, and also regularly pay as much attention as possible. During the formation of the breed, breeders rejected specimens that showed signs of cowardice or weakness, so today the Lakeland Terrier is an intelligent, strong and loyal dog.

Despite the fact that most owners get this pet as a companion, the terrier has not lost its hunting instincts, so representatives of the breed are active, and some are restless. Lakeland is playful, but wary of strangers, and therefore often shows protective qualities. This is facilitated by his devotion and courage. If this dog guards the owner, he will not back down from the threat and will not panic.

Most owners claim that the Lakeland is very good with children and household members, without showing any aggression towards family members. However, representatives of this breed are very independent and even stubborn, so the training of a pet can be delayed, and the owner is advised to be patient.

Lakeland Terrier Care

The hard coat of the Lakeland Terrier needs to be combed every day. To make the dog look neat, it must be cut once a season, but it is enough to wash it twice a year. Your pet’s nails should be trimmed every 2-3 weeks .

The owners of this dog are lucky: Lakeland Terriers rarely have health problems. They are practically immune to diseases and delight their owners with their good health until old age. However, when buying a puppy, you should pay attention to the pet’s paws and hip joints – there may be dysplasia. Puppies with such disorders cannot participate in exhibitions.

Conditions of detention

Lakeland is contraindicated in solitude – he will not be able to sleep in a booth outside the house. This dog needs communication with the owner, participation in family life.

Breeders have noticed that Lakelands are happy if the owner finds a place for a couch where the dog will have a view of all the rooms. The dog feels in harmony with his duty as a guard, he monitors what is happening in the house.

This dog needs to throw out energy on a walk. You need to walk with the Lakeland actively and at least twice a day. Preferably over an hour. And so that the dog can satisfy his hunting interests, it is better to change the route of the walk sometimes, then the pet will get new impressions.

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