Finnish Lapphund
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Finnish Lapphund

Characteristics of Finnish Lapphund

Country of originFinland
The sizeAverage
Growth44–51 cm
Weight15–25 kg
Age12–14 years old
FCI breed groupSpitz and breeds of primitive type
Finnish Lapphund Characteristics

Brief information

  • hardy;
  • Calm;
  • Unpretentious;
  • Merry.

Origin story

Many experts believe that Finnish Lapphunds are the most ancient northern dogs. 10 thousand years ago, the Saami (Lapps) lived in the territories of Ladoga and Karelia. Dogs were used for hunting and guarding property. Later – for grazing herds of deer. Images of such dogs can be seen on the magic tambourines of shamans.

The systematic breeding of Lappish dogs began in the first decades of the 20th century. Then they were called Lapland Spitz. And the first breed standard in 1945 was approved with the name “Lapland Sheepdog”. The current name – Finnish Lapphund – was assigned to the breed only in 1993. The breed was recognized by the FCI in 1955.

Finnish Lapphunds are bred in Finland, Sweden, Norway.


The Finnish Lapphund belongs to the northern spitz-like herding breeds. These beauties have excellent coat, cheerful disposition and good health. And they are also “smiling dogs”, like almost all Spitz. When they are happy, there are real smiles on their faces.

Dogs of a square format, with neat “fox” muzzles, small movable erect ears. The teeth are unexpectedly large, an angry Lapphund is quite a formidable beast. The tail is of medium length, with a curved tip, fluffy, with beautiful fringes.

Lopar huskies are covered with abundant hair with a dense undercoat. Such a “fur coat” allows dogs to live on the street and not freeze in the most severe winters. The outer hair is thick, harsh, the undercoat is also thick, but soft. On the paws and tail are fringes of long wool, and the neck and chest are decorated with a luxurious collar and mane. Colors can be very diverse. But there should be a main shade that dominates the others.


Cheerful, good-natured Finnish Lapphunds will perfectly find their place in almost any family. They get along well with children and get used to other pets. They are not aggressive and will not attack any intruder. And first they will see if the owners are happy with this person. They are alert, curious and observant. And in case of danger to the owner, the enemy will receive a decisive rebuff. In addition, Lappish huskies – that’s why they are huskies – have a loud, sonorous voice and excellent flair – the owners will know about the potential danger in advance.

Finnish Lapphund Care

Walking and grooming are the two main concerns of Finnish Lapphund owners. In order for the pet to be healthy, cheerful and beautiful, you will not have to be lazy and walk it for a long time in any weather. In rain and sleet, it is practical to wear a light overall for the dog in order to make the coat less dirty. You need to buy a set of brushes for long hair and use them for their intended purpose at least a couple of times a week, and during shedding – every day. But the dog will be beautiful and well-groomed, and the house will be clean.

Ears , eyes, claws are processed as needed. It is enough to carry out water procedures once every 2-3 months.

We must not forget that Lappish huskies are not adapted to the hot climate. The animal should be kept cool and not taken for walks in the sun.

Conditions of detention

The best conditions for the Finnish Lapphund, as, indeed, for all working dogs, are a country house with a plot. The dog will be able to run there as much as he wants and live in the fresh air. Of course, you need shelter from wind and rain, but there is no need for heating (we are talking, of course, about not old, adult, healthy animals). On the contrary, northern dogs will suffer from the heat. Of course, animals get used to city life. But you need to understand that they need to be walked for at least one and a half hours a day, arranged in the coldest place in the apartment and come to terms with the fact that the wool of the “citizens” will not be as lush and beautiful as that of the “country residents”.


In Russia, this breed is still rare. Therefore, with the acquisition of a puppy, problems may arise. Social networks will help – they have groups of Finnish Lapphund lovers. But, perhaps, the puppy will have to wait long enough. You can try to search in Finland and nearby countries. A thoroughbred puppy will cost 500-1000 euros.

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