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Cat Breeds

List of All Cat Breeds from A to Z

All cat breeds

Cats have been known to mankind for at least 10,000 years, and have been highly valued by people at all times not only for their ability to catch rodents (at home, catching mice is especially relevant), but also for their innate ability to endow people with their affection.

10,000 years of love and benefit of all Cat Breeds

Scientists have found that all modern breeds of cats come from the steppe cat, which was domesticated by man. In different parts of the world, this happened at different times, and therefore, the data may differ depending on the region. However, despite the fact that domestication occurred an average of 10,000 years ago, cats have almost completely retained the ability to run wild. And this, combined with the great love for a person that they are able to show.

Many breeds of domestic cats, especially in the west, may have this ability to a lesser extent, as their pedigree for many generations did not include individuals that would live on the street or in close contact with wildlife. However, in Eastern Europe, this phenomenon is not uncommon. Do not confuse the most common breeds, and the most popular cat breeds are completely different things.

With or without hair, cats are our affectionate friends.

To date, there are about 100 breeds that differ in body structure, length of wool or its complete absence, disposition and other features. Despite the fact that it is traditionally believed that cats are categorically incapable of learning and training, they understand a person quite well, somehow recognize his mood and can provide psychological support in difficult times. In addition, many breeds of cats get along well with young children.

So what are the breeds of cats?

In fact, there are a lot of them, but, in general, all our pets can be roughly classified as follows:

  • Popular – this category includes, first of all, those cats that are most popular at the moment. That is, this is a floating class of pets, as trends can change, and cats are fashionable now, tomorrow, it is quite possible that they will lose their relevance. Today, the following cat breeds are popular: Maine Coon, Ragdoll, British Shorthair cat, Abyssinian cat, Siamese cat, Canadian Sphynx, etc.
  • Rare – this includes both artificially bred and naturally occurring breeds of cats. Mostly, both the first and the second, most often inhabit a particular region, such as the Kuril Bobtail. Also, the following breeds can be attributed to this class: serengeti, caracal, toyger, savannah (ashera), sokoke, kao-mani, etc. By the way, a popular cat breed can be rare, that is, these are not mutually exclusive concepts.
  • Shorthair – from the name of the category it is immediately clear which breeds of cats belong here. An expressive example is the British Shorthair.
  • Long-haired – if the pet has long hair, such as the Norwegian Forest Cat, it belongs to this category.
  • Hairless or bald – there are cat breeds that either have no hair at all, like the Canadian Sphynx, or it is extremely short. So much so that they cannot even be classified as shorthaired. Accordingly, they are classified as hairless, or hairless cats. These are such breeds of cats as: Bambino, Don Sphynx, Elf, etc.
  • For children – not all breeds of cats are suitable for a harmonious life in a family with a child. However, some are ideal for this, for example: Maine Coon, Canadian Sphynx, Scottish Straight cat (Scottish Straight), etc.

Convenient and smart choice

As you can see, there is a clear classification that helps to understand what is the best breed of cats that best suits the tastes and specific conditions of each person. In other words, sometimes you have to be guided not only by your own desire and taste, but also by certain parameters. If you have two children, and one of them is allergic to wool, you should not get a Persian cat at all.

In this case, it is better to pay attention to either a hairless breed, or cats without undercoat, which practically do not shed. At the same time, your future pet must be loyal to children. Such a simple example clearly demonstrates which cat breed to choose and how to do it correctly, taking into account all the factors. After all, not only your harmonious life depends on this, but also the life of the animal, since with an insufficiently responsible approach, he may have to look for a new family.

We have tried to describe in the most complete way all the features of each of the breeds, distributing them into categories. Thus, you can quickly get all the necessary information and make the right choice.

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