Blue Picardy Spaniel
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Blue Picardy Spaniel

Characteristics of Blue Picardy Spaniel

Country of originFrance
The sizelarge
Growthup to 62 cm
Weightup to 28 kg
Age10–13 years old
FCI breed groupcops
Blue Picardy Spaniel Characteristics

Brief information

  • Compliant character, easily controlled;
  • Works great in any terrain
  • Excellent working qualities.

History of the breed

The birthplace of the blue Picardy Spaniel, as the name of the breed suggests, Picardy is a region in northern France. The ancestors of these intelligent and surprisingly efficient spaniels are ancient Spanish and French dogs. Despite the fact that the breed is called “spaniel”, its representatives are more like setters. The breed was bred in the Somme Valley at the beginning of the 20th century by adding English Setter blood to Picardy Spaniels. 

The breed was not widely spread in the world and for quite a long time these dogs were on the verge of extinction. However, in the 80s, thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts, the blue Picardy Spaniel received recognition from the International Cynological Federation .(the standard was approved in 1987). The Blue Picardy Spaniel is also recognized by the Kennel Club of Canada.


Typical representatives of the breed are fairly tall, but graceful dogs, with a strong back and not very long loin. The croup of spaniels is slightly sloping. The head of the blue Picardy Spaniel is wide, the eyes are dark and large, the ears are rather low set. The main color is gray with a bluish tint, black spots and specks. The coat of these dogs is slightly wavy, there is a decorating long hair – feathering on the paws and a sultan on the tail. The nose is dark, large and fairly wide. Blue Picardy Spaniels have a keen sense of smell, excellent working capacity and can hunt in difficult terrain, including swampy. The breed specializes in hunting birds, mainly woodcock.


The docile nature of the Blue Picardy Spaniel goes well with excellent working qualities. These dogs are very obedient and friendly, they are reliable and loyal friends and helpers, both on the hunt and in everyday life. The breed is also very good with children and is tolerant of other animals in the house.


In general , care is standard, ears require more attention , especially if the dog is working and goes hunting for waterfowl. Care must be taken not to miss the development of otitis media .


Spaniels, due to their light and calm disposition, as well as the fact that they are easy to train , may well be considered companion dogs, family pets. However, do not deprive them of hunting . After all, the main purpose of the breed, for the sake of which it was bred, is precisely hunting.


To date, blue Picardy Spaniels are distributed mainly in their homeland in Picardy and a small number of representatives of the breed live in Canada. It is almost impossible to find such a puppy in some countries. So, in order to get a puppy, the easiest way would be to go for him to the birthplace of the breed. Prices for a puppy may vary depending on the value of the blood and the hunting skills of the parents.

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