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Characteristics of Beauceron

Country of originFrance
The sizelarge
Growth61-70 cm
Weight40-50 kg
Age13 years old
FCI breed groupherding and cattle dogs, except Swiss cattle dogs
Beauceron Characteristics

Brief information

  • strong, independent and determined;
  • strives for leadership, in any situation tries to show this quality;
  • The first purpose of the Beauceron is a shepherd dog.


Beauceron has been used since ancient times as a shepherd dog and guard dog. And to this day in France, he not only performs these functions, but also helps a person in the police, army and public service.

Dogs of the Beauceron breed are distinguished by their independence and desire for leadership. That is why a person who has acquired such a puppy should first of all take care of his upbringing. Beauceron needs to show who is the leader of the pack and whose commands must be followed. If the owner does not have enough experience in owning and raising dogs, it will not be superfluous to seek help from a specialist.

There should be no aggression or disrespect in the upbringing of the Beauceron. The owner needs to be a leader and partner for a dog of this breed. To establish contact with her will help patience, perseverance and perseverance. The Beauceron is not one of those dogs that strive to fulfill the will of the owner, he is not a “sofa” friend, but a full-fledged member of the family with his own, sometimes rather difficult character. There is a clear hierarchy in the Beauceron’s life system, and the dog’s attitude towards him depends on how a person shows and manifests himself.


Representatives of the breed are not prone to unreasonable manifestation of aggression and anger. However, they will always protect the owner if they consider that he is in danger.

Beauceron is patient, so he finds a common language with older children who are ready to respect the pet. Beauceron gets along with animals only if they recognize him as a leader. To a greater extent, this applies to dogs of the same sex, which also strive for dominance in the pack. If there are such in the family, then problems may arise.


The Beauceron’s coat needs to be combed daily , during the shedding period, a furminator should be used for this. By the way, the Beauceron is one of the few breeds that has retained a forked dewclaw. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the condition of the dog’s claws .

If the Beauceron lives in a country house, you need to be prepared for regular water treatments. The dog will gladly smear himself in dirt and dust, and therefore you will have to bathe these animals quite often.

Conditions of detention

Beauceron can live in an apartment if it is a spacious room. In this case, he needs many hours of walks on the street. He will be happy to accompany the owner on a jog and bike ride, because this dog does not take up stamina. At the same time, life in a house outside the city is optimal for the Beauceron. And it does not matter whether he will have a separate insulated enclosure or he will live in the house with the owners. It is believed that this dog is unpretentious and able to adapt to any conditions of detention.

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