Bearded Collie
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Bearded Collie

Characteristics of Bearded Collie

Country of originScotland
The sizeLarge
Growth51–56 cm
Weight22–28 kg
Age15 years
FCI breed groupHerding and cattle dogs other than Swiss cattle dogs
Bearded CollieCharacteristics

Brief information

  • Cheerful and cheerful;
  • Loves children and family;
  • Too sociable, and therefore not a very good guard.


The history of the Bearded Collie goes back over 500 years. The breed appeared in Scotland in the 16th century. Experts cannot establish the ancestors of these dogs, but they are inclined to believe that shepherd dogs, who accompanied merchants at that time, participated in the selection. As a result of the union of these animals with local shepherd dogs, the bearded collie turned out.

Until now, representatives of the breed often help farmers and shepherds, dogs have excellent working qualities. But they also get them as companions.

The Bearded Collie is a good-natured, cheerful and cheerful dog, adores his family and treats all its members equally well. The pet gives special preference to children: most often he is happy to support their games.

The Bearded Collie, like all dogs of this type, has a lively mind. This is a quick-witted and intelligent dog, which even a beginner can train . The dog is attentive to the lessons and is happy to follow the commands of the owner.


Representatives of the breed are peaceful and calm. However, they are also able to stand up for their family: in a dangerous situation, the dog is ready to defend the members of his “pack” to the last.

Bearded collies rarely make good guards, they are too trusting and friendly. A stranger is a friend to them, not an enemy. Therefore, the pet will accept unwanted guests with interest, try to get to know them better and is unlikely to show aggression.

Bearded collies do not work alone, but in a pack. Representatives of the breed quickly find a common language with other dogs. They do not claim leadership, do not try to dominate, more often they compromise and accept the conditions of their neighbor. The Bearded Collie gets along well with other animals, including cats, rodents and birds. The dog rarely pays attention to them. However, much depends on the individual pet and its character.

Bearded Collie Care

The name of the breed speaks for itself: this collie became “bearded” thanks to the long fluffy coat. In order for a dog to look decent, it needs appropriate care. Every week, the pet is combed to remove dead hairs. If this is not done, the wool falls into tangles, which will be problematic to get rid of.

During the molting period, the pet is combed more often – two to three times a week.

Conditions of detention

The Bearded Collie is an active dog and needs daily exercise. Jogging for several kilometers, all kinds of games and fetching are all important elements of walking with a pet of this breed.

To make the dog happy will help stay in nature – in the park or in the forest. It is enough to travel out of town with your pet at least once a week.

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