Australian (German) Koolie
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Australian (German) Koolie

Characteristics of Australian (German) Koolie

Country of originAustralia
The sizeAverage
Growth40–50 cm
Weight15–20 kg
Age12–14 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Australian Koolie Characteristics

Brief information

  • Smart;
  • Hardy, workable;
  • Human-oriented.

Origin story

The Jamen Coolie is a herding dog breed from Australia.

This breed was bred by Australian farmers in order to graze herds a long time ago. True, practical breeders paid more attention to fixing the working qualities of dogs than to appearance, so now there is such a variety in the exterior of coolies.

The progenitors of Jamen Coolies are Australian cattle dogs and Australian kelpies , they also have border collie blood .

The result was a versatile dog, hardy, efficient, independent and human-oriented. Such animals can be both shepherds or guards, and companions. At home, the breed is popular and highly valued.


So far, there is no clear breed standard. Jamen coolies have several varieties. There are dogs with a short and smooth coat adjacent to the body, there are long-haired, fluffy, there are with erect and semi-erect ears, as well as with a different constitution.

The color is blue, red, black or marble (mixing these colors with white). The presence of white or red spots is allowed. Sometimes there are dogs with blue eyes.

Australian Koolie Character

The second purpose of the Australian coolie is a companion dog. They will make an excellent family dog ​​as they are non-aggressive, human oriented and will not offend a child. It is easy to get along with other dogs. Small pets are also perceived by them as the younger members of their pack.

Jamen coolies are smart and not lazy. They easily and quickly memorize commands and are generally well trained .


As a result of many years of natural selection, coolies inherited excellent health from their ancestors. Caring for them is not difficult, it is enough to regularly carry out standard hygiene procedures. The coat is combed out once or twice a week with a stiff brush, the eyes and ears are treated as needed.

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