American Toy Fox Terrier
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American Toy Fox Terrier

Characteristics of American Toy Fox Terrier

Country of originUSA
The sizeMiniature
Growthup to 25 cm
Weight1.5–3 kg
Age13–14 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
American Toy Fox Terrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • Playful, cheerful, very active;
  • prone to dominance;
  • Smart and curious.


The American Toy Fox Terrier is a highly talented breed of dog native to the United States. Since the beginning of the 20th century, its representatives have managed to pass for hardy hunters, dexterous circus performers and just excellent companions.

The history of the breed officially began in the 1930s. Its closest relative is the Smooth Fox Terrier . In order to get a new breed, the Fox Terrier was crossed with the English Toy Terrier and Chihuahua in order to reduce the size and soften the character. So a few years later, the toy fox terrier appeared.

Representatives of this breed are jokingly called “dynamite in the world of dogs” – for their enormous energy and endurance. Toy Fox Terriers love all kinds of games, running and movement. This dog will be happy next to active people.

Toy Fox Terrier is a real circus dog! And all because dogs of this breed are incredibly smart and curious. They will be happy to learn commands and learn something new, especially since they simply adore praise and affection from their beloved owner.

Toy Fox Terriers are easy to train , the main thing is to find an approach to the dog. With proper upbringing, even a schoolboy can cope with the training of a pet.

Despite its diminutiveness, the toy fox terrier will be a real guard in the house. And even if this dog is unlikely to scare someone with a menacing look, it will be able to notify the entire neighborhood with a loud bark. Pets of this breed are not too trusting and always keep their ears open.

The American Toy Fox Terrier is a dog of one owner, although he loves all family members equally. This pet can hardly tolerate loneliness, so it is advisable not to leave him unattended for a long time. Representatives of the breed prefer to be always in the spotlight.

The American Toy Fox Terrier is quite friendly and sociable, so being around other dogs will not be a problem for him, which cannot be said about cats and other pets. Sometimes the terrier’s hunting instinct makes itself felt. However, if the puppy grew up with other animals, there will definitely not be any difficulties.

The American Toy Fox Terrier is an excellent companion for families with school-age children. Walking in the yard or chasing the ball – the dog will gladly support any game.

Representatives of the breed are brave and courageous: very often, overestimating their strength, on the street they can challenge even a large dog. Therefore, it is especially important to deal with the behavior of the pet and socialize it in time.

American Toy Fox Terrier Care

The American Toy Fox Terrier does not require much grooming. It is enough to wipe his short coat with a wet hand or a towel once a week – this is necessary to remove the fallen hairs. It is also recommended to periodically examine the pet ‘s teeth and trim the claws.

Conditions of detention

The American Toy Fox Terrier will thrive in a city apartment. But, despite its compact size, the dog needs frequent and long walks.

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