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Tibetan Terrier

Characteristics of Tibetan Terrier

Country of originTibet (China)
The sizeAverage
Growth36-41 cm
Weight8–14 kg
Ageunder 18
FCI breed groupDecorative and companion dogs
Tibetan Terrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • Smart and sensitive;
  • Requires careful grooming
  • Friendly and affectionate.


The Tibetan Terrier is a mysterious breed native to the Himalayan mountains. In Tibetan, its name is “tsang apso”, which means “shaggy dog ​​from the province of U-tsang”.

The ancestors of the Tibetan Terriers are ancient dogs that lived on the territory of modern India and China. It is believed that Indian shepherds used representatives of the breed as guards and protectors, and Tibetan monks considered them family members. It was impossible to buy a dog just like that. That is why Europeans learned about the breed relatively recently – only at the beginning of the 20th century. English surgeon Agyness Greig received a Tsang Apso puppy as a gift. The woman was so fascinated by her pet that she devoted her life to breeding and selecting this breed. In the FCI , the breed was officially registered in 1957.

Tibetan Terriers are extremely sociable, curious and good-natured. They quickly become attached to the family and rightfully consider themselves one of its members. But the most important thing in their life is the owner – the leader of the “pack”, for which the Tsang Apso are ready to follow everywhere. Although this does not mean at all that other family members will be deprived of attention. It is impossible not to note the special love of these dogs for children.

The Tibetan Terrier is hardy and active. It can accompany the owner when traveling by car, by plane and even on hikes. Bold and courageous, this dog will not be afraid of an unusual environment.

Like any terrier, the Tsang Apso can be unpredictable. For example, representatives of this breed often have a tendency to dominate. As soon as the pet only feels the weakness of the owner, he will immediately try to take a leadership position. Therefore, the Tibetan Terrier needs training . It is necessary to start raising a puppy from early childhood: the dog must immediately understand who is in charge in the house.

In addition, the Tibetan Terrier must be socialized , and the sooner the better – his desire to subordinate to his will affects. This is especially evident in relations with housemates. The Tibetan Terrier, if it appeared first, will never miss an opportunity to demonstrate its power. However, if the puppy ended up in a family where there are already animals, there should be no problems in the relationship: they will be perceived by him as members of the “pack”.

Tibetan Terrier Care

One of the main advantages of the Tibetan Terrier is its long luxurious coat. To make her look like a king, she needs to be looked after. The dog is combed daily using several types of combs.

Every month, the pet is bathed with shampoo and conditioner, since representatives of this breed are not distinguished by cleanliness.

Conditions of detention

The Tibetan Terrier is suitable for keeping in a city apartment. Small and unpretentious, it does not require much space. However, it is recommended to walk with him two to three times a day, offering the dog games, running and physical exercises (for example, fetching).

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Tibetan Terrier Dog Breed - Everything You Need To Know

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