The most popular dog breeds
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The most popular dog breeds

The most popular dog breeds

Approximately 10-15 years ago large dogs were popular in Russia. Today, this trend is changing, and urban residents increasingly prefer small pets. This is understandable: such animals feel much more comfortable in an apartment than large dogs.

In addition, the choice of breed is often influenced by the recommendations of breeders and friends, the presence of a country house and the personal preferences of the owner. So, here are some of the most popular dog breeds today:

  1. German spitz

    There are several varieties of German Spitz. Perhaps one of the most popular is the Pomeranian. Representatives of this breed are charming and miniature, they weigh no more than 3 kg.

    A fluffy restless pet will be an excellent companion for both a single person and a family with children. Spitz get along well with kids, you just need to explain to the child that the dog is a living being, and not a toy, despite its funny appearance.

    Such a pet will feel quite comfortable in the apartment. But in order for it to retain its beautiful appearance, it is necessary to monitor the condition and appearance of its long coat, which requires daily care and attention.

  2. Yorkshire Terrier

    This is another unconditional candidate for the title of leader of the “Popular Dog Breeds” list. Energetic, bold and active, Yorkies feel great in a city apartment.

    The popularity of Yorkshire terriers is associated with their tireless nature and doll-like appearance: many people like to dress them up and do various hairstyles and haircuts. However, if you are not ready for such experiments, the pet will not suffer. The Yorkie himself feels like a big and scary dog. Hence, by the way, the manners of the leader in his behavior.

    Representatives of this breed quickly find a common language with children. But kids should still be told that this is a rather fragile dog, and it is easy to injure it.

  3. Chihuahua

    Among the leaders and the Mexican Chihuahua. Cheerful and courageous, this dog, despite its compact size, can try to dominate and even dictate its terms. Therefore, he needs special attention from the owner and proper education.

    The maximum weight of a Chihuahua is only 2,7 kg. The dog does not require frequent walks, and it can be easily accustomed to the tray.

  4. Labrador retriever

    The Labrador Retriever tops the list of the most popular dog breeds in the world for a reason. In Russia, he also enjoys love. Kind, gentle and very loyal to children, the Labrador is rightfully one of the best contenders for the role of a family pet. He absolutely equally loves all members of his “flock”.

    Despite its large size, the Labrador can live in a city apartment. The main thing is the love and attention of the owner, as well as frequent and active walks.

  5. Golden retriever

    A good-natured, attentive and very sensitive golden retriever will be happy in a large family. As a fluffy nanny, he can even compete with a Newfoundland!

    True, the loving nature of the Retriever extends to everyone, including strangers. Therefore, in the role of a guard, this dog can be seen infrequently. But the golden retriever feels quite comfortable in a city apartment, subject to active recreation and outdoor activities.

  6. German Shepherd

    It is impossible to imagine this list without the German Shepherd, which is especially loved and appreciated in Russia. Smart, brave, obedient and greedy for praise, the pet will become an ideal guard and watchman. The German Shepherd is unpretentious in care, feels great both in its own aviary and in a city apartment. She is great with children and animals.

December 19 2017

Updated: October 5, 2018

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