How to name a dog-boy?
Selection and Acquisition

How to name a dog-boy?

Nicknames for males are most often chosen, given the nature of the pet, and not its external data. Such names are designed to reflect masculine qualities: courage, courage and determination. However, it is important that the nickname matches the breed of the dog. For example, a Yorkshire Terrier may well be brave, energetic and courageous, but calling him Rambo is still quite bold. This option will afford the owner, who has a sense of humor and is ready to cheer up others. Another thing is the Rottweiler Rambo – muscular, fast and invincible.

Where to start looking for a name?

pet breed

The breed of a dog can also be a starting point when choosing a nickname. This is not only history, but also the country of origin. For example, the Tibetan Mastiff and Akita Inu are suitable for Eastern names: the word “Ting” in Chinese means “graceful”, and “Liang” means “good”. Among the Japanese words, there are also interesting options: “Momo” is translated as “peach”, and “Nikko” as “bright sun”.

Character traits

With the help of a nickname, you can emphasize the character traits of a dog. What is your pet? Is it a brave guard dog, always ready to rush to protect the owner, or an aristocratic pet who enjoys bathing in the caress and attention of the whole family?

For example, in the nineteenth century in Russia, the Russian greyhound gained immense popularity. Often at that time, dogs were given nicknames in the form of verbs: Dare, Catch up or Grab. In addition, there were also such options as Thunder, Whirlwind, Eagle and Falcon. The nickname reflected the character and dignity of the dog.

For males that have a hard, stubborn nature, choose ringing nicknames that contain hard consonants. For calmer, phlegmatic dogs, names containing hissing and soft sounds are suitable.

Beloved heroes

You can also turn to art for inspiration. Remember your favorite four-legged heroes. An excellent example for a German Shepherd can be the hero of the Soviet movie Mukhtar or Jerry Lee – a brave agent from the Hollywood “K-9”. By the way, in the work of the Czech writer Yaroslav Hasek there are quite a few non-standard dog names: Mupo, Bosco, Foke and others.


The color of a pet’s coat can also be a source of inspiration for the owner. By being creative, you can find a unique option. Try to come up with associations to the color of the coat or translate its name into other languages. From the list, select those that, in your opinion, emphasize the character of the dog. This exciting process can be done by the whole family and even involve friends, because different types of thinking will give you more different associations, and therefore more possible options.

When looking for a nickname for a pet, follow a couple of simple rules: the name should not be complicated and long. Only two or three syllables are considered optimal, no more.

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