Sicilian Branchiero (Branchiero siciliano)
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Sicilian Branchiero (Branchiero siciliano)

Characteristics of Sicilian Branchiero (Branchiero siciliano)

Country of originItaly, Sicily
The sizelarge
Growth58-68 cm
Weight40–50 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupnot recognized
Sicilian Branchiero Characteristics

Brief information

  • Excellent guards;
  • hardy;
  • They need a firm hand and early socialization.

Origin story

Branchieros siciliano have been indispensable friends for centuries for the inhabitants of the island of Sicily, who used them to protect their possessions and livestock. These strong and hardy animals also received their second name – the butcher’s Sicilian dog – for protecting the butchers who traveled to sell their goods. Butchers took dogs with them so that, having sold meat in the markets, they would not be robbed on their way home.

One of the oldest breeds in the region, it is now under threat, as it is extremely rare. Outwardly, this dog is very similar to a very popular breed. Cane Corso.


Representatives of the Branchiero Siciliano are strong, powerful and at the same time elegant dogs, with clearly defined relief muscles, a powerful neck and a wide chest. The head is rather large, the transition from the forehead to the muzzle is clearly expressed. The eyes are medium in size and dark in color. Dog ears are cropped. The coat is short, various colors are allowed, including brindle, dark gray.


Branchiero Siciliano dogs are smart, energetic and balanced. Affectionate with the owner and his household, the dog, if necessary, becomes a ruthless and courageous defender. However, the owner will have to work hard to properly bring up your pet. Representatives of the breed have an independent and wayward character. They need to start as early as possible socialize and train.

Sicilian Branchiero Care

Since the Branchiero Siciliano is a short-haired dog breed, they do not need special care. The animal is quite capable of coping with its hair on its own. As pollution can comb out animal brush or wipe with a damp cloth claws, ears, eyes are treated as needed.

The Branchiero Siciliano has fairly good health, representatives of the breed get sick infrequently, but you should pay attention to the spine of dogs, as there may be problems with it.

Conditions of detention

In warm climates, dogs can live in aviaries, but otherwise they require warm houses. Also, the branchiero siciliano may well be an apartment resident, provided that there are no small children and the owner’s ability to work with serious breeds.


Due to the small number of representatives of the breed in connection with the displacement of its Cane Corso buying a puppy is a serious problem. Most likely, in order to purchase a puppy, you will need to go to Sicily, the birthplace of the breed, and personally negotiate with the breeder. To the price of the dog, you will have to add the costs of the trip and the preparation of all necessary documents for the export of the animal from Sicily. The amount will exceed 1 thousand euros.

Sicilian Branchiero – Video

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