Rules for transporting a dog on the subway
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Rules for transporting a dog on the subway

In metropolitan areas around the world, the subway is one of the most popular modes of transport. As a rule, it allows you to quickly and easily get to your destination. And, of course, owners of dogs, especially large ones, often wonder if dogs are allowed on the subway and how to travel with a pet.

If the dog is small

Small dogs can be transported free of charge in the Moscow Metro in a special container bag. At the same time, the sum of measurements of such baggage in length, width and height should not exceed 120 cm.

If the dimensions of the transportation bag are larger, you will have to purchase a special ticket at the metro ticket office. But keep in mind that the rules for transporting dogs on the subway allow baggage, the sum of the dimensions of which is not more than 150 cm.

The same requirements are set in the metro of other Russian cities – St. Petersburg, Kazan, Samara and Novosibirsk.

How to choose a shipping container?

  1. The dog should feel comfortable inside the bag. If the pet cannot stretch out and stand up, it is obviously too small a container.

  2. The carrier must be made of quality materials, without sharp elements and protrusions that can injure the dog and other people.

  3. To provide noise insulation in the container, put a bedding on the bottom. But do not block the access of oxygen: the ventilation holes on top must be open.

If the dog is large

If the dog is large and does not fit in the container, the subway will have to be abandoned. In this case, only land transport is possible. The dog must be on a leash and muzzled.

Why aren’t big dogs allowed on the subway?

The most important and basic danger to the animal is the escalator. Small pets are easy to pick up while following it. But with large heavy dogs this is impossible. The paws or tail of an animal can accidentally get into the teeth of the escalator, which will lead to the most unfortunate consequences.

However, metro controllers often let large dogs through, especially if there is no escalator at the station. In this case, the responsibility for the life of the animal lies entirely on the shoulders of the owner.

Moscow Central Ring

Opened in 2016, the Moscow Central Ring (MCC) allows concessions in the transportation of animals. Yes, according to rules, for the free transportation of dogs of small breeds to the MCC, you can not take a container or basket if the pet is on a leash and in a muzzle. For dogs of large breeds, you need to buy a ticket, they need to wear a muzzle and a leash.

An exception

An exception that applies to almost all types of transport, including the subway, is the transportation of guide dogs that accompany people with disabilities.

Since 2017, such dogs have been undergoing special training in the metro in Moscow. They know how to pass through turnstiles, use the escalator and do not react to passengers in the car, even during rush hour. By the way, metro passengers should also remember that in no case should a guide dog in special equipment be distracted: it is at work, and the life and comfort of a person depends on it.

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