Old English Bulldog
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Old English Bulldog

Characteristics of Old English Bulldog

Country of originUSA
The sizeAverage
Growth38-48 cm
Weight20–30 kg
Age9–14 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Old English Bulldog Characteristics

Brief information

  • Vigilant;
  • Strong;
  • Loving and friendly.

Origin story

The time of appearance of the breed is difficult to establish. We can definitely say that the Old English Bulldog was bred a very long time ago. Initially, these dogs were used to bait bulls in the famous “blood sport” – a very popular pastime in Victorian England.

Unfortunately, the true breed, bred in Foggy Albion, completely died out at the end of the 19th century, when breeders got carried away trying to cross a bulldog with a terrier, thereby obtaining the ancestors of modern pit bulls and bull terriers .

The current Old English Bulldogs are an attempt to recreate the population. David Leavitt decided to re-create the breed, having become interested in the qualities of the Old English Bulldog, but decided to breed a powerful, friendly dog. His crossbreeding efforts bore fruit in the 1970s, starting a new life for Old English Bulldogs. The second name of the breed is formed just on behalf of the “pioneer” breeder – Leavitt’s bulldog.


The Old English Bulldogs are characterized by all the phenotypic features inherent in their brethren. This is a very muscular dog with remarkable physical strength. The animal has a large head, with a square bulldog jaw. The nose is black. The eyes are usually not very large, almond-shaped, with black eyelids. The ears are very small against the background of a broad muzzle, usually folded into a button or rose shape.

The coat of the Old English Bulldog is very dense and short, but silky. Colors are different, and both solid and brindle.


Old English Bulldogs are very strong. Fearlessness can also be called a distinctive feature of the representatives of the breed. In general, the character of the Old English Bulldogs is firm and decisive, in contrast to the English Bulldog . In addition, the watchdog instinct of the breed is very pronounced. From ancestors-aristocrats, the Old English Bulldog inherited a sense of dignity and some independence – while the animal is very devoted to its owners.

Old English Bulldog Care

The care of the Old English Bulldog is very simple. Short hair does not require close attention, it is enough to clean it periodically. Bathing representatives of this breed is not worth it – only in case of emergency. We must not forget about the hygiene of the ears , teeth and eyes.

In addition, Old English Bulldogs are very fond of drooling, so the muzzle will often have to be wiped with a damp cloth or napkins. In order to avoid irritation or various infections, it is necessary to carefully monitor the folds on the skin, if necessary, wiping them with special means.

Conditions of detention

The Old English Bulldog can live equally comfortably in a country house with a fenced area, and in an apartment, if he gets enough exercise during long walks. It is typical for the breed to gnaw and chew everything that is found, for this reason it is worth giving the pet a sufficient number of toys in order to avoid damage to your favorite slippers.

Old English Bulldogs love company and hate boredom. Leaving the animal alone is not the best option, because the pet’s behavior in this case can become destructive, which will go sideways to the owner.


There are few kennels dealing specifically with Old English Bulldogs. But breeders can meet the breed. The price of a puppy in this case will be approximately 1800-2500 dollars.

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