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Burgos Pointer

Characteristics of Burgos Pointer

Country of originSpain
The sizelarge
Growth59–67 cm
Weight25–38 kg
Age10–13 years old
FCI breed groupcops
Burgos Pointer Characteristics

Brief information

  • Compliant character;
  • Easily trained, well obey commands;
  • Excellent working qualities.

Origin story

The birthplace of the Burgos cop is Spain. The ancestors of these powerful, intelligent and surprisingly efficient dogs are considered to be the ancient Spanish cops. And a close relative is the old Spanish pointer, which the cop looks like. The old Spanish pointer was larger and heavier than its descendants, the elegance of the Burgos cops received from another close relative – English pointers. Purebred breeding and crossbreeding with English dogs began in the twentieth century, but the devastating Spanish Civil War took a toll on the breed, driving enthusiastic breeders back. Even the very existence of these wonderful dogs was in question, nevertheless, the breed was saved, and it received recognition of International Cynological Federation.


A typical representative of the breed is a large dog, the whole appearance of which speaks of hidden strength. The Burgos Hound has a strong, slightly squat build. And long ears, small eyes and wings make the expression of the muzzle of these dogs somewhat melancholy.

The ground color of the Burgos Hound is described in the standard as coffee or coffee piebald, speckled, with the colors mixed unevenly and may have a marbled background. The coat itself is rather short, dense, with a well-defined division into coarse guard hairs and a soft undercoat. The nose is dark brown. Although the nose is large and wide, it appears smaller due to the fact that it blends in with the color of the coat.


The complaisant nature of the Burgos cops is perfectly combined with excellent working qualities. Despite their strength and power, usually unusual for hunting dogs, the cops are obedient and friendly. This is a reliable and faithful friend and assistant both in hunting and in everyday life, well adapted to work in various terrain conditions, and to any weather conditions. And even with small pets, it is quite possible to gradually make friends with them.


The dog does not require special care. Wool combed out 1-2 times a week with a stiff brush (more often during the shedding period) claws, ears and eyes are treated as needed.

Conditions of detention

Representatives of the breed, due to their light and calm disposition, as well as the fact that they are easily amenable to training, may well be considered companion dogs, family pets. They get along well with other animals living in the family, but you should not deprive Burgos cops of hunting. After all, the main purpose of the breed, what it was bred for, is precisely hunting. Previously, the Burgos Hound helped its owners in deer hunting. Currently, it is increasingly used for hunting small game: partridge, hare. Run after a mechanical rabbit also brighten up the dog’s life.


Today, these cops, which received another name from their ancestors – the Spanish pointer – are popular in their homeland, but outside of Spain they are quite rare. So, in order to purchase a puppy, it will be necessary to go to the birthplace of the breed for him. Prices for puppies can vary depending on the blood value and hunting skills of the parents – from 300 to 1000 euros plus transportation.

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