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Characteristics of Minskin

Country of originUSA
Wool typeBald, short haired
Height17–20 cm
Weight1.8-3 kg
Age12–15 years old
Minskin Characteristics

Brief information

  • Friendly and playful cat;
  • Nicknamed ” Corgi ” in the cat world;
  • A fairly young breed, was bred in 2000;
  • The name comes from two words: miniature – “miniature” and skin – “skin”.


Minskin is a new breed, in the breeding of which Sphynxes , Munchkins , as well as Devon Rex and Burmese cats took part . Breeder Paul McSorley in the late 1990s thought about breeding a new type of cat with short legs and patches of hair all over the body. The idea was a success, and in 2000 he got the first kitten with such an exterior. The breed was named “Minskin”.

Interestingly, the Minskin is very similar to another American breed – bambino . They are both the result of a cross between a Sphynx and a Munchkin, however, the Bambino is a completely hairless breed, while the Minskin may be covered in places with hair. However, both species are not officially recognized, although their development is monitored by the international felinological organization TICA. By the way, sometimes Minskin is considered a kind of bambino.

The small stature of Minskins is not their only advantage. These cats have wonderful personalities. They are active, intelligent and very gentle. Minskins love movement, and from the outside, their running looks funny. In addition, they love heights. But the owner should be very careful not to let the cat jump on high chairs and sofas. One bad jump – and the cat will easily damage the spine. So that the pet can climb up, build a stand for it.

Minskins very quickly become attached to the owner. They are the kind of cats that will happily greet him every day after work. Therefore, you should not linger too much and leave your pet alone for a long time: he may begin to yearn.

In addition, representatives of the breed are very sociable and trusting. They easily get along with other animals, including dogs . But here you should be careful: the defenselessness and innocence of Minskin can cause him trouble. But with children, this cat feels really happy. The main thing is to immediately explain to the child that the pet is a living being, not a toy, and that it must be handled with care.

Minskin Care

Minskin is unpretentious in care. Woolly spots do not need combing. However, you can purchase a mitten brush if your pet has a lot of fur.

Like any bald cat, it is recommended to bathe the Minskin periodically with special shampoos. After water procedures, it is necessary to wrap the pet in a warm towel until completely dry so that it does not catch a cold.

We must not forget about the weekly cleaning of the eyes. A couple of times a month it is worth examining the oral cavity.

Conditions of detention

The absence of wool as such makes the Minskin sensitive to temperature extremes and cold. In winter, it is desirable to have an insulated house for a pet. In summer, these cats, like sphinxes, do not mind basking in the sun. In this case, do not let them be under the scorching rays: Minskins can get burned.

Minskins love to eat, because these cats spend part of their energy on maintaining body temperature. To keep your pet in shape, give smaller portions, but more often.

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