Jomon Shiba (JSHIBA)
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Jomon Shiba (JSHIBA)

Country of originJapan
The sizeAverage
Growth32–40 cm
Weight6–10 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Jomon Shiba Characteristics

Brief information

  • Self-confident;
  • Independent, do not require constant attention;
  • Independent.


The Jomon Shiba is one of the most mysterious and amazing dog breeds bred in Japan. It got its name in honor of the historical Jomon period, which took place about 10 thousand years ago. At that time, the main occupations of man were hunting, fishing and gathering, and dogs lived nearby as guards and protectors.

To recreate the appearance and character of that very aboriginal dog – this is the goal set by Japanese cynologists from the NPO center. Jomon Shiba Inu Research Center. The result of their activities was a new breed, derived from dogs such as the Shiba Inu . As you might guess, it was called Jomon-shiba, where the first part of the name is a reference to the historical period, and the word “shiba” is translated as “small”.

At the moment, the Jomon Shiba is not recognized by the Japanese canine organization Nippo, which is responsible for the development and preservation of the indigenous dogs of this country. The breed is not recognized by the International Cynological Federation either , since it is little known outside its homeland. However, this rare small dog has its fans.


Agile hunters, independent, proud and loyal to man – this is how representatives of this breed can be characterized. Their closest relatives are Shiba Inu dogs, which are famous for their perseverance and stubbornness. These traits are also present in Jomon Shiba, so they need education and training . Moreover, it is better to entrust this process to a professional in order to avoid mistakes. Fixing them later will be much more difficult.

Jomon Shiba are not very sociable, in relation to other dogs they can even be aggressive. At two months, it is recommended to start socializing the dog – go for a walk with it and communicate with other animals.

A trained Jomon Shiba is an obedient, affectionate and devoted dog. He is ready to accompany the owner everywhere. The dog easily adapts to new conditions, it is curious and quick-witted.

Relations with children develop depending on the behavior of the child and the nature of the animal. Some pets become excellent nannies, while others avoid communicating with babies in every possible way. The easiest way to establish contact with the dog will be a schoolboy who can care for her, play and feed her.


The thick wool of the Jomon Shiba will require attention from the owner. The dog should be combed twice a week with a furminator, and during the shedding period, the procedure should be carried out even more often. Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the claws and teeth of the pet. They need to be inspected every week, cleaned and processed on time.

Conditions of detention

A small Jomon Shiba can become an active urban companion. He feels good in the apartment. The main thing is to spend at least two hours on a walk with your pet every day. You can offer him all kinds of games, running – he will certainly appreciate the fun with the owner.

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