Irish Water Spaniel
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Irish Water Spaniel

Country of originIreland
The sizeLarge
Growth51–58 cm
Weight20–30 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupHerding and cattle dogs, other than Swiss cattle dogs. 
Retrievers, spaniels and water dogs
Irish Water Spaniel Characteristics

Brief information

  • Hardy, playful;
  • Need training;
  • The coat of these dogs practically does not fall out;
  • They love water.


Despite the name, the homeland of the Irish Water Spaniel may not be Ireland at all, but another country. True, researchers have not yet determined exactly which one. Could shed light on the origin of these dogs, their breeder – a certain Justin McCarthy, who lived in the XIX century, but the breeder did not leave behind a single document on this topic. There are a number of breeds that are considered closely related to the Irish Spaniel, such as the Barbet , Poodle , and Portuguese Water Dog, but the extent of their relationship is difficult to determine.

Good-natured, non-aggressive, sociable – it’s all about him, about the Irish Water Spaniel. Quiet and calm at home, on the hunt, these dogs show themselves to the fullest. Even in winter, they are not afraid of any water bodies, and all thanks to the hard curly wool that does not let moisture through.

As for the qualities of a companion, here the Irish Spaniels are unlikely to disappoint the owner. Smart and intelligent dogs learn quickly . True, sometimes they can still be stubborn and capricious if they do not recognize the authority of the owner. So you have to try to capture the attention of the pet.


The Irish Water Spaniel needs socialization from childhood . Without it, he is likely to be shy and distrustful. Begin to acquaint the puppy with the outside world should be about 2-3 months, not later. It is especially important to show him relatives and introduce strangers. Thanks to this, in the future, the dog will calmly react to the appearance of guests in the house. By the way, you should not rely on the protective qualities of the Irish Spaniel. Yes, he will notify the family about the arrival of the guest, but he will not show aggression.

This breed is extremely peaceful. With other animals, spaniels interact calmly, without provocation. Even with cats, they are able to get along. And it does not matter who appeared in the house first.

Irish Water Spaniel Care

The Irish Water Spaniel is a dog breed that is fairly easy to care for and does not require much hassle. During the molting period, the hairs that have fallen out do not fall to the floor and do not cling to furniture, but remain in the wool. Therefore, it is necessary to brush your pet once a week to remove them.

Since the Irish Water Spaniel has floppy ears, they need to be monitored especially carefully, since such breeds are prone to ear diseases. Examine your pet every week and do not put off going to the veterinarian if you notice uncharacteristic changes.

Conditions of detention

The Irish Water Spaniel is a compact, medium-sized dog. This is a fairly athletic breed that needs daily exercise. Like all spaniels, he tends to be overweight. It is necessary to find a balance between his feeding and physical activity.

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