How to transport a dog?
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How to transport a dog?

How to transport a dog?

To transport a dog, you need to prepare the following:

  1. Transport cage

    It is necessary to accustom a dog to it in advance. If the animal suddenly finds itself in a confined space, it can provoke panic and a nervous breakdown.


    The cage should not be too tight. There should be enough space in it so that the dog can stand on outstretched paws.

    It is better to lay a blanket in the carrier cage or put a special bedding.

  2. Water

    Fresh cool water should be in the dog’s bowl at all times. The trip is no exception. Stock up on enough drinking water and make stops (especially if the road is long) so that the dog can stretch his paws and drink. It is usually recommended to do this at least every three to five hours.

  3. Medicine chest

    If the dog suffers from any chronic diseases, make sure that all the necessary drugs are at hand.

  4. Veterinary passport

    Wherever you go, the dog’s veterinary passport should be with you. During long journeys by train or plane, without it, your pet simply will not be taken on board.

How to prepare your dog for travel:

  • Before traveling with a dog, you need to take a walk. Increase the time of the usual exercise so that the dog can do all the necessary things;
  • Give the dog a drink of water;
  • Do not feed the dog just before the trip – it can get sick, and all the food will end up in the cage and around it;

    If the trip is going to be long, food should be given to the dog at least an hour before the planned departure.

  • Do not create additional stress factors, which include, for example, too loud music, careless driving (if we are talking about a car trip).

The first trip with a dog is usually the most difficult for the owner, as he does not know how the animal will endure the road. But, the more often the dog will travel with you, the calmer both he and you will relate to such travel.

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