How to tame a rabbit?

How to tame a rabbit?

A decorative rabbit can be tame and affectionate almost like a kitten. However, this is not a natural trait of the animal, but the result of the correct actions of the owner. For information on how to tame a rabbit, read our article.

Rabbits are cautious and shy by nature. In their natural habitat, these qualities save their lives. Therefore, you should not expect that your pet will immediately jump into your arms and curl up into a tender ball. You have yet to earn his trust, and this is not as easy as it seems.

Serious mistakes in the way of establishing contact play against you: it is very easy to scare a rabbit and make it avoid your company. Therefore, we act carefully, slowly and always friendly. Punishment and any manifestations of rudeness in relation to such a sensitive pet will only spoil the matter!

These 10 steps will help you in taming a decorative rabbit.

  • Acquire a rabbit at a young age. With the taming of rabbits, problems, as a rule, do not arise. Whereas an adult rabbit with an established character of a loner may never be given into hands – even into the most caring ones.

  • Tame only after adaptation. If you have recently acquired a rabbit, immediately rushing to him with hugs is a bad idea. Give him a few days to adjust.

  • Do not hurry. Tame your rabbit gradually. At first, it will break out of your hands – and this is normal. Don’t push, don’t chase him. Just try again the next day, and so on. Over time, he will stop being afraid of you.

  • Hold the rabbit in your arms gently and gently. Do not put pressure on him and in any case do not grab his ears. There are a lot of nerve endings in the ears. Annoying them, you will cause severe pain to the pet.

  • Lure your rabbit with treats and be sure to reward him when he climbs into your arms. This move works with any pets.

  • It is advisable to start taming with acquaintance at a distance, i.e. simple sniffing. Give the rabbit a hand with a treat. Let the animal treat yourself and calmly sniff your hand. He must understand that there is no threat from you. When the rabbit begins to approach you fearlessly, you can try to pick it up.

  • Ideally, the rabbit should climb into your palm on its own. Pick it up, gently holding it with your hand.

  • Do not grab the rabbit suddenly, do not make sudden movements, so as not to evoke associations with a predator attack.

  • Avoid stress. Taming is carried out in a calm atmosphere. If the rabbit is nervous about any stimulus (noise, strong smells, other pets, health problems, etc.), you will fail.

  • If there are children in your family, let them take the rabbit in their arms only after you have tamed it yourself. Be sure to explain to the kids how to behave with pets, and carefully supervise their actions.

Children should play with the rabbit under the strict supervision of adults!

By following these rules, you will build a true friendship with your pet.

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