How to switch a dog to ready-made food?

How to switch a dog to ready-made food?

How to switch a dog to ready-made food?

Translation rules

С wet diets there are no difficulties – their pet begins to eat immediately. It is enough for the owner to open the packaging with a new taste and offer the animal.

Getting used to dry food takes a little longer. As a rule, the dog completely switches to it within a week.

On the first day of the transfer, the pet is offered some granules – about one-fifth of the portion recommended by the manufacturer. Then they give the usual food, but a little less than usual. On the second day, the number dry food you need to increase to two-fifths of the serving. Accordingly, the usual food should be given even less. Thus, in five days, a dry diet will completely replace dishes that are by no means healthy for the animal. It is important that the pet has constant access to fresh water during and after the transfer to the correct food.

Possible difficulties

It happens that a dog either refuses dry rations, or consumes them reluctantly or not in full. This can happen for several reasons. The first reason is that the food causes pain, because the pet has diseases of the oral cavity. The second is that damage to internal organs is not excluded, due to which the animal loses its appetite. In both cases, the dog must be shown to the veterinarian.

The third reason is that the pet does not need the amount of food that he receives. The portion size should be reduced.

Combination with other food

Scientists have found that the combination of dry and wet diets is optimal for a pet, as it provides him with a full spectrum of nutrients and vitamins. In addition, dry food is good for teeth and digestion, while wet food fights obesity.

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