East European Shepherd
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East European Shepherd

Characteristics of East European Shepherd

Country of originUSSR
The sizeLarge
Growth62–76 cm
Weight34–48 kg
Age12–13 years old
FCI breed groupnot recognized
East European Shepherd Cteristics

Brief information

  • Easy to train;
  • Smart and independent;
  • Active, hardy and balanced.


The East European Shepherd, like its closest relative, the German Shepherd , is made for service. Representatives of this breed are always next to a person as guards and defenders, watchmen and rescuers, guides and companions. This versatile breed was bred in the 1930s in the USSR on the basis of German Shepherds. The Eastern European type inherited their best qualities. Representatives of this breed are intelligent, balanced and calm. A shepherd dog lends itself well to training and, with the right upbringing, can become the best friend of its owner and a full member of the family.

It is especially worth noting the ingenuity, logical thinking and intelligence level of East European Shepherd Dogs. These are smart, courageous and, importantly, independent dogs. In a dangerous situation, the East European Shepherd Dog is able to quickly assess the situation and make a decision. With such a pet, the owner will always feel safe.

However, training this breed requires perseverance and perseverance. This is especially important if the owner is dealing with dogs for the first time. In this case, you will definitely need the help of a professional dog handler.


The East European Shepherd quickly becomes attached to the family, she perceives all households equally, but is wary of strangers. Representatives of this breed perfectly feel the owner, they are always ready to help. These active, quite playful and sensitive animals will not leave anyone indifferent.

Shepherd dogs easily find a common language with children, with proper upbringing they will never be jealous of a baby for other family members. These dogs get along well with animals, the main thing in this case is training and early socialization of the pet.


The East European Shepherd does not require careful care. However, the pet must be combed twice a week . During periods of intense hair loss (twice a year), the pet should be combed more often – every day.

So that the dog calmly perceives hygiene procedures, start exercising with the puppy as early as possible. Then brushing your teeth and trimming your nails will go smoothly. Bathe East European Shepherd Dogs as needed – they should also be taught to water from an early age.

In general, the East European Shepherd Dog is a healthy breed that is not prone to developing diseases. A balanced diet and exercise will help keep your pet in top shape.

Conditions of detention

The East European Shepherd requires large spaces and active walks. For this dog, the ideal option would be to live outside the city in your own aviary or in a booth . At the same time, you should not constantly keep the animal locked up – this can ruin its character. It is advisable to let the dog go for a walk and play sports with it, play and give physical exercises.

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East European Shepherd: All About This Protective and Loyal Dog Breed

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