Old Spanish Pointer
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Old Spanish Pointer

Characteristics of Old Spanish Pointer

Country of originSpain
The sizeAverage
Growth51-61 cm
Weight25–30 kg
Age10–14 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Old Spanish Pointer Characteristics

Brief information

  • Calm and balanced dog;
  • Possesses excellent working qualities;
  • Very hardy.

Origin story

The Old Spanish Pointer breed has several names, these animals come from the ancient Spanish cops. The second name of the breed is the Navarre Hound, these animals are also known under the name of Perdiguero Navarro, which means “partridge dog”. Despite the fact that the past of the breed is lost for centuries, it might not have a future. These dogs were on the verge of extinction, and only thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts in love with the breed, it was possible to revive the population of the old Spanish pointers.


The main feature of the Old Spanish Pointers is their unique forked nose. So, the nose of these dogs is dissected as if by a deep wrinkle. At the same time, dogs with a normal nose are also found in the breed. In one litter there can be puppies with both regular and forked noses.

Typical representatives of the breed are extremely strong and hardy – a dog in the type of molossians. They are squat, stand firmly on powerful low paws. The skull of the Old Spanish Pointers is quite wide, the ears are medium in size, drooping, and there is a dewlap on the neck. The muzzle is shortened, with drooping wings. The color in the breed is found in red-piebald, black-and-piebald.


By nature, the Old Spanish Pointer is balanced and calm, his passion and anger are manifested only during the pursuit of game. Light and lively disposition make typical representatives of the breed excellent companions for hunters. These animals have a remarkable hunting instinct and are commonly used for hunting birds.

Old Spanish Pointer Care

No special care is required. Standard procedures – ear cleaning , nail trimming – are carried out as needed. The coat is combed out with a stiff brush two to three times a week.

How to keep

Do not forget that the original purpose of the old Spanish pointers is hunting, it was for her that the breed was bred. These are active animals that require both physical and mental stress. These dogs are perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle, who love movement and hunting. They are not particularly suitable for apartment maintenance, because due to unrealized energy they may not behave in the best way.


Old Spanish pointers are almost never found outside of Spain. Therefore, for a puppy, you will have to go to the birthplace of the breed and add the cost of delivery to its cost. Also, anyone who wants to buy an Old Spanish Pointer puppy will have to endure a strict selection from the breeder. Since the number of these dogs is still very small, only hunters are allowed to purchase puppies, who must meet all the requirements of the breeders. The price of an Old Spanish Pointer puppy, like that of any other hunting breed, depends both on the quality of the dog itself and on its pedigree, including the achievements of the parents.

Old Spanish Pointer – Video

14 Week Old Spanish Pointer Training

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