Dutch Smoushond
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Dutch Smoushond

Characteristics of Dutch Smoushond

Country of originNetherlands
The sizeAverage
Growth35-43 cm
Weight8–10 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupPinscher and Schnauzer
Dutch Smoushond Characteristics

Brief information

  • Devoted and dependent on family;
  • Friendly and sociable, likes to “chat”;
  • Good with children and animals.


Originally bred as a dedicated rat-catcher, the Dutch Smoushond has taken on a new status over time as an adorable family companion. Today, the Smoushond is hardly known outside the Netherlands and most Dutch breeders show little interest in promoting it abroad.

The Dutch Smoushond is an unusually loyal breed. These dogs form a deep attachment to the family, and a long or regular separation can have an extremely negative impact on the condition of the pet. Smoushonds are very sociable, affectionate and friendly. Dogs of this breed get along well with school-age children and become their best friends. Most Smoushonds get along well with other dogs and even cats.

Natural speed and dexterity, which in the old days helped the Smoushond to catch rodents in the master’s house, today allow him to successfully participate in agility competitions . This feature is important to take into account during walks – the Dutchman is happy to look for toys, runs after them, crawls into minks.


In dealing with strangers, the Dutch Smoushond is not prone to aggression, he behaves with restraint and aloofness. This breed needs proper and timely socialization , the lack of which can lead to the development of nervousness and aggressive behavior. Smoushonds are always on the alert and ready to notify the owner of the approach of strangers, however, their small size and friendly nature do not allow them to be fully guard dogs.

Training the Dutch Smoushond is quite easy because of his intelligence and desire to please his beloved owner. It is worth remembering that dogs of this breed are very sensitive, so aggressive training methods will not suit them. It is best to use rewards in the form of treats when training.


The coat of the Smoushond is fairly easy to care for. Twice a year, usually in spring and autumn, it must be trimmed to remove dead hairs. The rest of the time, the coat should be brushed periodically to prevent tangles. You also need to monitor the length of the hair on the paw pads and in the ears. You need to wash the dog as needed, but not more than once a month.

The Smoushond is a fairly healthy breed that does not have a particular propensity for any diseases. Local breeding of the breed leads to the fact that it has a very small gene pool. In this regard, breeders very carefully monitor the maintenance and preservation of the health of representatives of the breed.

Conditions of detention

Smoushondy are very lively and energetic. Despite their small size, dogs of this breed require a significant amount of physical activity – at least an hour of active play per day. Otherwise, the dog may begin to splash out energy in other ways: it will begin to spoil the furniture, become nervous and uncontrollable.Potential owners of the Dutch Smoushond should be aware that this is a very talkative breed that likes to bark often and a lot. This is especially important if you live in an apartment, as your dog’s noisy behavior may not please your neighbors. And while physical activity can significantly reduce their need for “socialization,” it cannot completely eliminate it.

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