Cimarrón Uruguayo
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Cimarrón Uruguayo

Characteristics of Cimarrón Uruguayo

Country of originUruguay
The sizeLarge
Growth55-61 cm
Weight30–40 kg
Age10–15 years
FCI breed groupPinscher and Schnauzer; 
swiss mountain and cattle dogs
Cimarrón Uruguayo Characteristics

Brief information

  • Possess excellent working qualities;
  • Unpretentious;
  • Very headstrong and require socialization and training.

Origin story

The Uruguayan Cimarron breed has come a long way to being recognized both in its homeland, in South America, and in the IFF . The ancestors of these large, muscular animals are dogs brought by Europeans. There is a version that sailors took large and powerful dogs with them on ships so that they would guard the conquerors on the shores of uncharted lands. The alien dogs mixed with the locals and eventually became almost feral, huddled in packs, began to attack livestock and people. A hunt was declared for the cimarrons, and almost all wild dogs were destroyed.

However, some of their descendants were preserved by farmers and hunters. Large, strong dogs with an excellent sense of smell performed security, hunting and shepherd functions. However, papers for recognition of the breed by the International Cynological Federation were filed only at the end of the 20th century, and it was finally recognized two years ago.


The Uruguayan Cimarron is a large, agile, muscular working animal of the Molossian type. The muzzle of typical representatives of the breed is only slightly narrower than the skull, with well-defined cheekbones and a wide nose with a black earlobe. The ears of these dogs are set high, hanging, with a rounded tip. The eyes are almond shaped, any shade of brown is allowed as standard (depending on coat color), but the darker the color, the better. The paws of the cimarrons are parallel set, straight. The tail is thick at the base, tapering towards the tip, reaching the hock. The coat of typical representatives of the breed is short, hard, dense. The standard allows a different shade of brindle or fawn, a dark mask on the muzzle is possible, as well as white marks on the lower neck, on the chest, on the abdomen and on the tips of the paws.


Typical representatives of the breed are serious dogs with an independent character, requiring a firm hand, methodical training and socialization from a very early age. Uruguayan cimarrons are loyal to their owners, they are excellent guards and helpers in work. Initially, they are quite aggressive, they are well aware of their power and strength.

Cimarrón Uruguayo Care

Cimarrons are very unpretentious animals that do not require any special diet or special coat care. However, potential owners should take into account that these dogs need to be given an outlet for their accumulated energy, they require good physical activity.

How to Keep

Depending on the climate, they can live in an apartment, they can live in an aviary, but it must be heated.


In the European part of the planet, it is quite difficult to find a Simorron puppy. So you have to take it out of the American continent, which will significantly increase the cost of the dog.

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