Chinchilla or guinea pig: who is better, whom to have for a child

Chinchilla or guinea pig: who is better, whom to have for a child

Choosing a pet is a difficult decision, especially when it comes to rodents. All of them are different from each other, have pros and cons, and most importantly, they perfectly match the character of one person, but do not suit others at all.

Chinchilla or guinea pig

The increasing popularity of various species of rodents is due to the greater ease of care and the lack of necessary walks. Adherents of chinchillas and guinea pigs will provide many arguments in favor of each species.

Chinchilla or guinea pig: who is better, whom to have for a child
Chinchilla is a cute animal, but expensive to keep

Chinchilla has the following advantages:

  • cute and funny look, beauty of fur;
  • lives up to 10 years;
  • friendly and active;
  • her stormy life begins in the evening, just as the owners have time to finish all the work;
  • can live alone and as a couple;
  • rarely susceptible to disease;
  • extremely rarely shows aggression;
  • perfectly amenable to training;
  • does not have its own negative smell;
  • becomes an excellent companion for both the elderly and the little ones.

However, caring for them requires a high-quality and varied diet and numerous cage equipment, including drinking bowls and baths.

Guinea pigs are also universal pets, however, their natural shyness requires the owners to spend the first days on accustoming themselves to themselves. They are smarter than many rodents, they easily remember their beloved and main owner. They know the nickname and are able to execute commands.

A guinea pig, unlike a chinchilla, treats human hands better.

They also need a specially equipped dwelling, but it is hard to get used to a certain “toilet” place. This factor can provoke a specific aroma. The difference between chinchillas and “overseas” rodents is that the latter are prone to various diseases.

Pig Benefits:

  • ease of maintenance;
  • kindness and kindness;
  • tendency to sleep at night;
  • interesting due to the variety of sounds;
  • respond positively to tactile communication with a person.

Which pet is suitable for a child

Trying to understand who is better, a chinchilla or a guinea pig, you need to decide on the purposes for which the pet is purchased. If this is the first pet for a child, then the “eared” will still be the best choice – a healthy body and life expectancy will avoid severe psychological trauma from the loss of a pet

However, if a child needs an analogue of a kitten that will happily sit on his lap, then it is better to have a pig at home that loves to communicate with the owner.

Chinchilla or guinea pig: who is better, whom to have for a child
A guinea pig is more suitable for a child, not a chinchilla

But if you still can’t decide who to choose, then you can take both. It must be understood that a chinchilla and a guinea pig will not live together in the same cage, but several pets will take up excess free time or bring double joy to the owners.

If you are in doubt about choosing a pet, we recommend reading our article “Who is better: a decorative rabbit or a guinea pig?”.

Who is better: chinchilla or guinea pig?

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